Once again, Chris found himself waking up in sick bay. He sat up to find that he didn’t have a headache this time. He guessed the doctor had already administered a pain suppressant.

“Doctor,” Chris called over to Kara. She looked over to where Chris was, said a few more words to her current patient, and then came over to Chris’s bio-bed.

As she approached, she immediately reported, “This time one hundred twenty crew members, including you and Sarah Caft, were effected.”

This information surprised Chris. “I’ve got to get to the bridge,” Chris said as he stood. Kara nodded and went back to her duties.

“Report,” Chris ordered as he left the turbolift. Tom was in command since both Chris and Sarah were effected by the jump.

“Once again, we can’t exactly pinpoint our exact time,” Tom said as he stood from the command chair. “How ever, we do know that we are some where in the mid twenty fourth century.” Tom manned his station as Chris sat down in the command chair.

“Well, at least we got the timing correct,” Chris said to himself.

“I’m not sure how I missed it, sir,” Tom started, “but in order to be able to create an anomaly to take us back to our proper time and dimension, we must investigate various parts of each time and dimension.”

Chris sighed as he heard this information. “Status of the Excelsior,” Chris asked.

“She made it just fine, Captain,” Ada reported.

“We’ll wait till the rest of the crew is awakened before we begin to explore this dimension,” Chris ordered. “Remain at red alert, you have the bridge, Tom.”

Chris stood and entered his ready room. Despite his day’s worth of sleep, Chris was still exhausted…both mentally and physically. These past days have been a great wear on his senses and mind.

Chris walked over to the replicator, and ordered, “Tea, Early Gray, hot.” As the mug materialized, memories from serving under Captain Picard flooded Chris’s mind. Chris took the mug with the Federation insignia on it and strode over to the window at the aft of the ready room. He stared out across the ship, taking in every detail. Then he centered on the warp nacelle, which was an oddly designed one by Starfleet standards.

Then Chris remembered when he saw Sarah again on the shuttlecraft when they were en route to the Enterprise. They had become attracted to each other rather quickly when they were in the Academy. Then Chris remembered a certain incident that started his first day at the helm. He immediately threw the thought out of his mind as he did not want to remember those two years…two years that, after they ended, started over again, resulting in no loss of life after a long and bloody war… The memories were still sort of vague in Chris’s mind, but he did remember that the Q continuum had some major…or rather, minor part in this event. Then it all slipped his mind again.

Chris lost himself in his thoughts as he stared out into the great vastness of space…

“Helm, set a course for Earth and match the Excelsior’s maximum speed,” Chris ordered.

“Wait,” Sarah interrupted. “I don’t mean to sound insubordinate, but don’t you think that might not be a good idea? For all we know we might be in another parallel universe similar to the one we just left.”

Chris thought for a moment, and then decided Sarah was right. “In that case, set a course for the Viridian system.”

“Setting course. We’ll only be able to get up to warp six point two since the Excelsior is still repairing its warp system,” James reported.

“Very well,” Chris said. “Engage.”

On the main viewscreen, Chris watched as they entered warp. ‘A minor set back,’ Chris thought to himself. ‘At least we’ll be able to get home…’

After about an hour, a sensor alarm sounded. “Captain, I’m picking up a starship on an intercept course,” Ada reported.

“Federation,” Chris asked.

It took a minute for Ada to answer. She finally said, “I think so, sir.”

Chris downloaded the sensor information onto his console. The ship looked like it was a heavily modified version of a Galaxy class starship’s saucer section. The saucer section had two warp nacelles attached to the bottom of the ship. The rear of the saucer section was now an engineering section.

“Captain, they are hailing us,” Ada reported.

“On screen,” Chris ordered as he looked back to the main view screen.

An older version of Commander Riker appeared on the screen. The only difference was that he looked older and was wearing an odd looking uniform.

“I’m Captain William Thomas Riker of the Rebellion ship Galaxy,” Riker said in a loud and commanding tone. “State your purpose here.”

Chris opened a channel and replied with, “I’m Captain Christopher Harriman of the starship Dragon.” Chris left out the fact that it was a Federation starship as it looked like Riker might not like the Federation in this galaxy. “Don’t be alarmed, Captain. We are simply exploring this dimension.”

Riker frowned on the view screen, and said in the same tone of voice as before, “What do you mean ‘exploring our dimension?’ And how the hell can you be Captain on that starship when you were killed five years ago by the Federation?”

“It’s a long story, Captain,” Chris said. “Perhaps we could discuss it over lunch?”

He could see Riker hesitate, and then Riker finally said, “Very well. We’ll meet on your ship in ten minutes, Riker out.”

The view screen returned to the starfield streaking by.

“Sir, the Galaxy is coming along side our ship,” Ada reported.

“Senior officers, report to transporter room one in nine minutes,” Chris said as he stood. “Have Captain Sulu beam over immediately and alone. James, you have the bridge."

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