“Why did you allow me to come to your ship,” Captain Sulu asked.

“Because I figured you would be responsible enough not to tell Starfleet in your time about our technology,” Chris replied. “After all, you are a captain.”

They were standing in the transporter room with Chris’s senior staff assembled. “Sir, the Galaxy reports ready to beam over,” the transporter chief reported.

“Energize,” Chris ordered.

On the transporter pad, six people began to materialize. Finally, Captain Riker and five of his senior officers appeared. Captain Riker was the first to step off of the transporter pad.

“Captain, I’d like to introduce my senior staff,” Captain Riker said. His crew began stepping off of the transporter pad one at a time while Riker introduced them.

“My wife and first officer, Commander Deanna Troi. My second officer and science officer, Commander Data. My Chief of Security, Commander Worf. And my chief medical officer, Captain Beverly Crusher.”

Chris introduced all of his senior officers, then asked, “Where is your chief engineer?”

“He had to stay aboard to over see some repairs,” Captain Riker replied. “Now let’s get to lunch…I’m hungry.”

After Chris explained the Dragon’s situation to Captain Riker, Riker just remained silent for a few minutes. “Now how about hearing some information about this dimension and time,” Chris asked. “As a matter of fact, what year are we in?”

“It’s the year 2391,” Riker started. “A year after the Enterprise-D was launched, the Federation suddenly changed. They became an oppressive government. A lot of us didn’t even see it coming.”

“They killed all Vulcans and sent a task force to Vulcan,” he continued. “They knew that the Vulcans would not approve of the Federation’s actions, so they wanted to get rid of them. The Enterprise was to be a part of this operation. That is when the Enterprise made her move. She destroyed five ships in the strike force then warped out of the Vulcan system.”

“We were the start of a rebellion, which in past years, has suffered major casualties and loss of ships."

“What happened to the Enterprise,” Chris asked.

“The Federation had repossessed her a year after we began the rebellion…that’s when Captain Picard died.”

“I then promoted myself to Captain and took command of the recently stolen Galaxy. How ever, a year ago, we were in another battle when our warp core suffered major damage. We had to evacuate every one to the saucer section and barely escaped. We then modified the saucer section. We gave it an engineering section in the aft, two warp nacelles off of another heavily damaged Galaxy class starship, and added a photon torpedo launcher to the front underside of her. Only three weeks ago did she finally launch again.”

“Also, the Federation has gained support from the Klingons, who aided in the annihilation of the Romulans. The Ferengi are wiped out, and the Bajorans are all but extinct. The Jem Hadar were hopelessly outnumbered and have now joined the Federation. The Cardassians never stood a chance against the Federation.”

“The Federation has expanded its borders marginally, and their numbers have grown considerably. It’s only a matter of time before we lose… We are but a thorn in the Federation’s plans.”

It took Chris a long time to take in all of this unsettling information. Then he thought about what he might do if they encountered a Federation starship.

“Have you ever heard of Q,” Chris asked, wondering where the all-governing beings are while the Federation goes on a rampage of the galaxy.

“Once, but another being under our control successfully destroyed Q,” Riker replied. “Since then, we have heard nothing from the Q Continuum.”

Though it was probably not permitted, Chris decided to point out the obvious to Riker. “Why don’t you try and establish a communication with the Continuum and see if they can’t help you defeat the Federation.”

Riker looked up at Chris with a surprised look on his face, and replied with, “I never thought of that! Why didn’t I think of that before…”

“Bridge to Ten Forward,” James said over the comm system. “We have detected an unknown Federation ship on an intercept course.”

“Red alert,” Chris yelled. “All hands to battle station. Captain Riker, it might be wise if you and your officers returned to your ship.”

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