Captain Chris Harriman ducked behind a rock, a ‘phaser’ blast barely missing him. Commander Sarah Caft ducked behind the rock along with him.

“For crying out loud, the flag’s right there and there’s nothing we can do about it,” Chris remarked as he fired a phaser blast over the rock.

“Don’t you have any grenades left,” Sarah asked.

Chris searched his vest and found one, and remarked, “Wonder why I didn’t think of that before.”

Chris set the grenade on a four-second charge, activated it, and threw it into the enemy camp. Four seconds later, it detonated, ‘tagging’ any one who wasn’t under cover.

Chris took a quick peak over the rock, went back down, and said, “OK, there’s three left. You take the one on the left, I’ll take the two on the right.”

“All right,” Sarah agreed.


Chris left his hiding spot and went to the right. He targeted the first enemy and fired, taking the enemy down. He tried to find the other one, but he could not find him. He looked over to his left to see Sarah unharmed.

Chris then proceeded towards the enemy flag. He stepped slowly and cautiously towards it, making sure the last enemy was no where to be seen. The flag was in a clearing, which for the enemy was perfect. If any fool tried to grab it immediately, he would have no where to hide and be a prime target. Chris finally reached the flag when he suddenly heard a phaser blast. He spun around in time to see the last remaining enemy fall to the ground, Sarah standing behind him.

“I thought you were supposed to get two of them,” she asked with a grin on her face.

Chris smiled and was about to turn around when some one else interrupted him.

“Bridge to holodeck 2,” Lieutenant Commander Tom Halkrat, the ship’s second officer and science officer, said over the comm system.

Chris paused, and said, “Harriman here.”

“Sir, we are receiving a distress call from the Antar observatory,” Tom reported. "They are under attack!"

Chris looked at Sarah, and said, “Red alert, all hands to battle stations.”

“Report,” Chris ordered as he entered the bridge, Sarah right behind him. They were both still in their jump suites and vests from the holodeck simulation. Chris sat in the command chair and looked at the planetary observatory.

“She took a beating, sir,” Lieutenant Ada Marquet reported. “Only two life signs aboard.”

“Sarah, conduct an away team mission immediately,” Chris ordered.

“Yes sir,” Sarah replied as she motioned for Ada to accompany her.

Sarah and the away team materialized in a mess. The entire station was torn apart.

Sarah got her bearings, and ordered every one to follow her. “We need to find those survivors and find out who attacked this station,” Sarah said. “Split into three groups, medical, security, and engineering.”

Sarah went with the security team as they explored a part of the small station. Dead bodies lay every where. “Why didn’t they put up a fight,” Sarah asked out loud. “And if they did, where are the enemy bodies? Check for signs of non-Starfleet weapons signatures.”

Sarah noticed a possible life sign on her tricorder, and ordered every one to follow her.

“These life sign readings are strange,” Sarah said. “Part human and part…something else. Ready phasers.”

Sarah removed a piece of bulkhead from the floor and jumped back, firing her phaser instinctively. Her target died instantly. Then Sarah got a hold of herself and stared at the dead corps. “Medical team to all other teams, be careful if you find the other life sign, it may be a Borg,” some one said over Sarah’s comm badge.

She tapped her comm badge to activate it, and replied, “Now you tell us.”

Captain’s log: Stardate 52159.14

Only two days since we have started our journey home and already we have encountered more trouble. This time, the Borg. We don’t know why yet, but they attacked the Antar planetary observatory in orbit around Antar Four. Luckily, the post-industrial society on the planet was never hit. That seems very strange to us…

“Have you deducted a reason for the attack,” Chris asked Tom. The senior staff was in the briefing room.

“Not yet sir,” Tom reported. “How ever, we can track their ion trail, which seems to be heading directly for the Romulan neutral zone.”

“Set a course to follow at maximum warp once this meeting is over,” Chris ordered.

“Captain, the ion trail is ending,” Tom reported. They had been traveling for several days now, and have almost reached the Romulan Neutral Zone. “I’m detecting a Transwarp conduit is still open…it looks like we just missed them!”

“Can you detect where the conduit leads,” Chris asked.

After a few moments, Tom replied with, “Some where in the Delta Quadrant.”

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