Captain’s Log: 52159.23

It seems there is some force stopping us from ever seeing Earth again. Just out side of the Sol system, we encountered an odd disturbance in subspace. We ignored it until it began to disrupt our warp field, and now we are passing through it on impulse power.


“Any progress,” Captain Chris Harriman asked the chief science officer, Lieutenant Commander Thomas Halkrat.

“We should be able engage our warp engines in one minute,” Tom replied.

So, the bridge crew waited for the minute to pass. Just as Tom began to say that they were clear, the Security officer, Lieutenant Ada Marquet, interrupted, “We are receiving a distress call.”

Chris sighed, and said, “Let’s hear it.”

“This is the Klingon ship Qo’nos, we are under attack from Jem Hadar ships only ten light years from the Sol system. We need immediate help. Five Jem Hadar ships are attacking us! I repeat, this is the Klingon…” The transmission of the Klingon was cut because it was a repeating message.

“Helm, set an intercept course, maximum warp,” Chris ordered. “Red alert, all hands to battle stations. Helm, engage.”

Right before the ship went into warp, Tom suddenly yelled, “Wait, don’t engage the warp engines!!!”

How ever, he was too late. The ship jumped into warp, but almost instantly every one was thrown back. The inertial dampers were droning with stress as the drone of several emergency generators became audible.

“Report,” Chris finally yelled.

“The disturbance in subspace suddenly expanded right before we engaged our engines,” Tom reported. “It created such a disturbance in our warp field that…I’m not sure, but I think we are traveling at a very fast speed…faster than even Transwarp!”

“Well how do we get out of it,” Commander Sarah Caft, the ship’s first officer, asked.

“We don’t,” Tom replied. “We stop when ever it allows us to stop.”

Suddenly the ship shook violently. Every one barely held on to their stations.

“We just passed through the great barrier…we went through it so fast that no telepaths were effected,” Tom reported.

“Solutions, now!!!” Chris ordered.

“None come to mind,” Tom replied. “As I said, we are along for the ride…”

Captain’s Log: Supplemental.

Our speed is much too fast to calculate. We’ve been at this speed for about four hours now. Structural integrity, oddly, is barely being effected. We have our engines completely off, yet we still remain at this speed. Tom tells me that is because once the warp field was created, it began to power itself. The only way it could power itself is if it went into a very high warp speed. Who knows where we will end up…

“Captain, I think the warp field is losing power,” Tom reported.

Chris looked up from his console, and said, “We may encounter hostile forces if we emerge in another galaxy,” Chris said. “Remain at red alert, all hands to battle stations.”

The alert klaxon sounded briefly on the bridge, but was silenced almost immediately.

“Dropping out of warp,” the ship’s primary helmsman, Lieutenant James Trikal, reported. Suddenly, the forward viewscreen showed a star field with a nebula directly ahead of the ship. The nebula was primarily an orange hue, however as with all nebulas, had several other colors in it.

“Report,” Chris ordered.

“It’ll take a few minutes to determine where we are…maybe even hours,” Tom replied.

“What about that nebula,” Chris asked. “Any thing unusual about it?”

“Oh, only that it’s like no other nebula I’ve seen before,” Tom said. “Gases that our sensors can’t even penetrate, minerals that if harnessed might be able to power our ship for two centuries…you know, the usual out-of-galaxy type nebula.”

Chris let out a small laugh, and looked at his console. Indeed, a lot of energy was coming from the nebula.

Suddenly, Tom said, “Uh, I’ve determined where we are!”

Chris looked back at his science officer, and asked, “Where?”

Tom looked at Chris with such a gloomy face that Chris was afraid to hear.

“The Kalium Galaxy,” Chris said to the entire crew over the ships comm system. “A galaxy on the other side of the known universe.”

“Now, according to our science officer, it is impossible to make it home…with current technology. How ever, I’m convinced that we might be able to find some technology in this galaxy that might help us. We have advanced weapons and a warp design that might even allow Voyager to get home in time for the new century. That is why I have made the inevitable decision of exploring this galaxy. We have the technology, and all I can say is that we will make it home. Be it fifty years from now or next week, we will make it home in our life time!”

“I also ask that every one try and come up with some way to get home faster. Some thing that Starfleet started but then mothballed, something you may have drawn after a bad dream, any thing! Let’s get home soon!”

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