Captain’s Log: Supplemental

Since we are unsure if we have gone through time or not, I will rarely give a stardate. At least, not until we know for sure if we have or haven’t. So, all log entries will have a time recorded by the computer, but I will only put them as supplemental.

I’ve looked through literally hundreds of ideas, none of which are useful with current technology. I am, how ever, keeping these ideas in the event that we find a way to use this technology.

As we find a way home, we have already begun exploring. One week here already, and I find myself missing home. Crew moral is down, but I hope exploring may take their minds off of the pain. We have finished our survey of this nebula…or rather, what we can survey, for now. We have found a possible way to enter the nebula but it’ll take two weeks for the technology to be replicated and implemented into the shields. So, we have set a course for a system not far from here to see if there might be any signs of life.

“Captain, we are receiving hundreds of distress calls from our target system,” Ada reported. “They are reporting that they are under attack!”

Chris looked up in alarm, and said, “Red alert, all hands to battle stations. Helm, increase speed to warp nine point nine!”

It only took about twenty-five minutes to reach the system after the increase in speed.

“Report,” Chris ordered. He looked at the main view screen to see nothing but the planets and the star.

“Nothing,” Tom reported in an astonished voice. “Signs of minor debris are every where, but that’s it. If there was a civilization here, it’s not here any more.”

Chris equally became astonished, and asked, “Any thing unusual on the sensors?”

“Well, aside from what I think is the norm for this section of this galaxy, I’m reading strong magnetic, electric, and polaric residue, along with readings I’ve seen no where else, not even in the section of this galaxy that we’ve explored.”

“Sir, a ship is decloaking directly ahead,” Ada reported.

An odd shaped ship appeared on the main view screen. It had a round center that looked like it had the emitter of a type 2 phaser stuck on the front. Around this were three very long and tall…stabilizers. In actuality it looked somewhat like a fancy type of wick lamp, only instead of being clear was a dark greenish color.

“Scan them, tell me every thing you can,” Chris ordered.

After a few moments, Tom began to report. “The life forms are humanoid, but like every thing else in this galaxy, is like nothing I’ve seen before. Those three stabilizers are actually huge ‘generators’ for weapons, and actually are not only the creators of whatever weapon they might be, but are also emitters. It can only fire fore and aft, but that ship also has great maneuverability. I’m also detecting another number of humanoid, but are completely different from the first, and are all being held in some form of holding cell near the aft of the ship. The ship has nearly the same mass as we do, if not less.”

“Sir, they are hailing us,” Ada reported.

“On screen,” Chris ordered.

A green humanoid with ridges down the nose bridge appeared on the main view screen. This humanoid had golden eyes as well as golden teeth. “State your designation and your purpose in this system.”

“I’m Captain Chris Harriman of the Federation starship Dragon. Not going into too much detail, a week ago we came to this galaxy in an accident. Our warp field was disrupted and we found our selves not far from here. Now we are just exploring while we try to find a way home.”

The green skinned humanoid looked over the Dragon’s bridge for a second, and then said, “We are the Vorkalai, a race of conquerors. Though your weapons are insignificant, we do see some unknown technology on your ship. Prepare for destruction.”

With that, the channel was cut. The view screen showed the green ship with its ‘stabilizers’ slightly glowing a brighter green.

“They are transferring immense power to their weapons,” Ada reported.

“Evasive maneuvers,” Chris yelled. The ship shook violently as a console and a light fixture exploded. Chris barely remained in his seat.

“Fire all weapons!”

“Phaser have no effect what so ever on their shields,” Ada reported.

The ship shook again as another light fixture went out. “Try photon torpedoes!”

After a second, Ada reported, “Still no effect!”

The ship shook again as another blast hit. “How are they penetrating our shields??”

“Ask them!” Tom replied. “I haven’t the slightest clue!”

“Hull breach on decks twenty through twenty eight,” Ada reported.

“Our last hope is Quantum torpedoes,” Chris said as another volley hit. “Fire!”

As Chris watched the torpedoes streak away on the viewscreen, he saw them go right through the enemy shields and completely destroy the enemy ship.

“Report,” Chris ordered as peace suddenly found the Dragon again.

“Several parts of the ship is still intact…including a computer core,” Tom said.

Chris was surprised, and ordered, “beam it into cargo bay one. Let’s see what we can learn about our new friends.”

“The Vorkalai are, as our friend said, conquerors,” Tom began. “They take an immense fleet and take entire systems in a matter of hours. Their border has expanded out of this galaxy, but stopped not long after since they saw no systems were out side of the galaxy. Now they continue on further along the border as well as further into the galaxy.”

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