“We were lucky that they didn’t have their entire fleet here, otherwise we wouldn’t have lasted two seconds. Their weapons will destroy some vital parts of our ship, but just before we would have been destroyed, they would have beamed much of our technology out for their own use.”

The conference room remained silent for a moment.

“Scavengers,” Sarah said.

Tom looked at her and said, “Exactly.”

“We should move away from their border and warn other civilizations and even give them quantum torpedo technology,” Chris said. “We can’t allow them to continue.”

“I agree,” the ship’s chief medical officer, Commander Kara Trieal, replied. “They are mass murdering entire civilization, just as the Borg do.”

“Very well, if no one objects…” No one objected. “Now, Tom, how did you know where we were so fast?”

“I had the visual sensors analyze the galactic core and had the computer determine where we were. It told me we are in the Kalium Galaxy.”

“I know it seems strange for me to ask that at such a late time, but a lot has been on my mind...as I’m sure a lot has been on all of our minds,” Chris said. “How ever, let’s not allow these events to allow us to stop being Starfleet officers. We have a duty to the Federation to protect all innocents.”

“Kalia, finish those warp field modifications immediately,” Chris ordered the ships chief engineer, Commander Kalia Tarkent. “How long will it take?”

“Well, four days if we work double shifts,” Kalia replied.

“Do it,” Chris ordered. “Let’s show the Vorkalai what Starfleet is all about…protecting innocents at all costs.”

Captain’s Log: Supplemental

Two days remaining in this graveyard has kept the crew on edge. Who knows if the Vorkalai will send re-enforcement’s to find their missing comrade. We must also find a way to modify our shields so that they won’t be penetrated so easily. It seems as if we will have to make several modifications to remain in this galaxy intact.

Chris stared out the forward window of Ten Forward, the crew lounge named after the Galaxy class Ten Forward. It had been a long two weeks so far, and he knew things weren’t about to get any easier.

“Day dreaming,” Sarah asked as she approached from behind Chris. Chris turned around and looked at her as she sat down.

Chris smiled and replied, “As a matter of fact…”

“Two more days and we can get out of here,” Sarah commented. “Out of this graveyard.”

Chris thought back to what the ships counselor had said yesterday. Lieutenant Terry Latrael had said, “We can’t stay here much longer. It’s effecting the crew morale, and that’s one thing we can’t have.” Chris wished he could get away from this graveyard, but they had to finish the warp field modifications his ‘son’ had given him in one of the dimensions they had visited.

“I wish we could leave sooner,” Chris said. “Even me, the Captain who’s supposed to look good to keep moral up, is getting down. This is a very depressing place to have to wait in.”

Sarah nodded in reply. “Tarkent to Harriman,” Kalia interrupted.

Chris tapped his comm badge and replied, “Go ahead, Kalia.”

With an enthusiastic voice, she said, “Sir, warp field and deflector dish modifications are up and running!”

Chris looked at Sarah with a surprised look on his face. “senior officers to the bridge. Kalia, you stay in engineering.” Chris stood up along with Sarah and they exited Ten Forward.

“Status,” Chris ordered as he and Sarah sat down.

“Engineering reports ready to engage the new drive,” Tom reported. “The new deflector dish modifications are in place and activated.”

“Very well, let’s take this slowly,” Chris said in reply. Sarah could feel the excitement building up in herself. “Helm, take us away from Vorkalai space, warp nine point nine.”

“Aye, sir,” James replied.

“Engage,” Chris ordered.

After a few moments, James reported that the speed was achieved. “How are things looking down there, engineering,” Chris asked. Sarah could still feel the excitement growing in her. They had been stuck here, but now they might be able to explore more than they might have hoped in a short period.

“Excellent,” Kalia replied. “It’s only effecting forty percent of the power output of the warp core!”

“Structural integrity?”

“Holding remarkably well,” Kalia replied.

“Very well, Sarah, if you’ll give the order,” Chris said. This surprised Sarah for a moment, but she took the opportunity.

“Helm, increase speed to warp twelve on my mark,” Sarah said, anticipation growing rapidly with in her. “Engage.”

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