"Vessel is free to navigate," Vendar said. "The fleet is in formation and ready to leave when we are."

"Very well," Chris said. "Put us into position, then set a course for that defense colony, maximum warp."

"I repeat, we need immediate assitance!"

Terian Ditair was becoming desperate. Some how they had already taken the ground base and were starting to make short work of the starbase in orbit. She was the commander of that starbase.

She looked around the command bridge to see it in ruins, with only a very small handful of people left alive.

She took over the tactical station and began firing what was left of the station's defenses. The shields were already down. If the transport inhibitor lost power, it would be all over…

Suddenly the ship shook very violently as a Vorkalai cruiser collided with the station. The station's structural integrity was barely holding.

"Engineering reports we're down to the reserve power cores," some one yelled.

Terian repeated herself, hoping the channel wasn't being jammed. "This is Defense Starbase K-1172 to any one! We need immediate help!"

"We copy, K-1172," a voice suddenly replied. "We're less than a minute from your position. Sit tight, the fleet's almost there."

"A fleet of over two thousand ships is approaching," some one suddenly yelled. "It's the defense fleet!"

"Report," Chris ordered as he sat down in the command chair.

"Over ten thousand Vorkalai ships are attacking the base," Vendar stated. "The planet's already been taken, and the station's on reserve power."

"Raise shields, arm all weapons," Sarah ordered.

"Drop us out of warp, helm," Chris ordered.

"Very few Hintaru ships and fighters are left," Vendar finished. "The Vorkalai are ignoring them and now concentrating on the station."

"You build tough stations," Chris said to Carl Dutralium, the first Hintaru the Dragon ever encountered.

"Of course," Carl replied, standing next to the first officer's chair. "It is a defense base, after all."

"The fleet has fully emerged from warp," Vendar said.

"Full impulse power," Chris ordered.

Sarah opened a channel to shuttle bay two and ordered, "All fighters, you are clear to launch."

"Sir, the Vorkalai are breaking off their attack and are coming at us," Vendar said.

"Perkins, open a channel to the Vorkalai," Chris ordered.

"Aye sir, you're on," Vendar said after a moment.

"This is the starship Dragon to Vorkalai craft," Chris began. "You are in violation of Hintaru space. Surrender now and we can end this war today."

Chris waited for a moment before Vendar said, "No reply, sir."

"Very well, prepare to fire all weapons," Chris said.

"Now to see if those modifications to the photon torpedoes works," Sarah commented.

"Evasive pattern Alpha-Omega seven on my mark," Chris stated.

He waited, the gap between the two fleets closing fast. This would mark the beginning of what was sure to be a costly war.

"And to see if the shields work against the Vorkalai," Chris finished for Sarah.

Suddenly weapons fire hit the Dragon. "Helm, engage," Chris said. Suddenly the Dragon veered off.

"Fire all weapons," Sarah ordered.

"The new shields are working," the ship's security and tactical officer, Lieutenant Ada Marquet, stated. "Shields holding!"

Eight Quantum Torpedoes and Sixteen Photon Torpedoes streaked away from the Dragon, all impacting on the different Vorkalai ships. Each Quantum torpedo hit a different ship, causing each ship to explode. The Photon Torpedoes, thanks to the signature modifications, penetrated the shields as well, though caused considerably less damage than the Quantum Torpedoes.

Phaser fire then joined the barrage of torpedoes, as aft launchers began to fire as well. For the most part, Quantum torpedoes where flying everywhere, impacting on Vorkalai ships left and right.

Chris spotted a very large battle cruiser and thought that it was probably the spear-head of the invasion, as it was the largest ship present.

"Ada, bring the phaser cannon to full power and prepare to fire on my mark," Chris ordered. "Helm, point is towards that large battle cruiser and continue evasive meneuvers while heading towards it. When I order it, you point directly at that thing."

"Aye sir," James replied.

"Status report," Chris ordered as the ship made its way towards the huge cruiser.

"The battle is going quite well," Ada reported. "We've only lost two ships so far. The Vorkalai have lost over a thousand ships already. Shields are holding at ninety-five percent. Very little hull damage."

Chris smiled, for the battle was going quite well. Then he saw that they were getting quite close to the cruiser.

"Ada, prepare to fire on my mark," Chris said. "Helm, point us towards the cruiser now."

Chris waited for a moment before they were in position.

Then… "Fire."

After a moment, a huge phaser beam emitted from the cannon, and it was a continuous one. It was doing major damage on the hull of the cruiser before finally punching through the hull.

As stray Vorkalai ship accidentally got caught in the beam and was destroyed in less then five seconds, and then the blast continued its work on the cruiser.

Then Chris noticed something. "Disengage cannon, veer off course!"

The beam suddenly cut off and the Dragon veered off, barely missing the barely present shields.

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