Captain's Log: Supplemental

It's been a week since the initial battle against the Vorkalai, and so far we've heard nothing from them since. There is almost no doubt that they are collecting as many ships possible from the lines for an all out assault against us.

The fleet is almost ready. Only about a hundred ships remain in dry dock, and we've successfully established a new colony on the front. As soon as the remaining ships are ready, we are going to begin pressing inward into Vorkalai space.

"So you mean to tell me that a group of Bajorans were sent by the Prophets to this galaxy as a fail safe in case the Bajorans in our galaxy were ever wiped out," Captain Chris Harriman asked the ship's chief engineer, Commander Kalia Tarkent.

"That pretty much summarizes what I just said," Kalia replied sarcastically.

The turbolift stopped and they entered the bridge. They walked to the center by the Captain's chair and stood there. Chris thought for a moment before saying, "Ask Kailar how many of his people he is in contact with. Maybe they can join us on our trip through the galaxy before our return home."

Kalia nodded and left the bridge. Chris sat down in his chair and took a data padd from an ensign. He began to look it over when he noticed that Lieutenant Vendar Perkins was at his side.

Chris looked at her and said, "What is it, Lieutenant?"

"Sir, I feel as if we've over looked something important," she said, never letting her eyes draw away from looking straight.

Definitely was fresh from the academy, Chris thought.

"It's all right, Perkins," Chris said. "We aren't a military service, so don't act like we are in one."

Perkins sighed and relaxed noticeably. She smiled at Chris before continuing. "Has any one noticed that, so far, every species we have seen in this galaxy speaks standard English?"

It hit Chris like an antimatter bomb. He felt his mouth slightly open as he realized every one had over looked that fact. Indeed, for a galaxy so alien, it was strange for every species to be speaking the prime dialect of the Federation, in a galaxy on the other side of the known universe!

"Thank you, Perkins," Chris said.

Instead of nodding and returning to her post, she remained, clearly hesitating. "Something more," Chris asked.

"Yes, sir," she replied. "I have a certain theory on why this is."

"Senior officers report to the briefing lounge. Kailar Nerissay, would you please join us?"

Perkins was a bit hesitant. The Captain had agreed with her, but now she was presenting her theory to the senior staff!

"Well, as I just pointed out to the Captain, every species in this galaxy, that we have so far encountered, speaks English," Perkins began.

Realization dawned on every one's face. A few whispered a few comments to each other. Perkins smiled as she thought, I think I may have impressed them.

"Lieutenant Perkins has a theory as to why they speak the main language of the Federation," the Captain stated. Every one went silent and looked to Perkins again.

She felt herself blush, but forced herself to continue. She cleared her throat before saying, "Well, if the Bajorans did indeed come from our galaxy, maybe some how they brought over our language from our galaxy." Some one was about to speak up, but she finished quickly before he could say a word. "And since, some how, the part of the computer that held the history of Bajor was damaged, I have no way of knowing if their native language was an English-type language or not."

"We could ask the one Bajoran on board," the ship's first officer, Commander Sarah Caft, who didn't change her last name to Harriman after the wedding, stated.

"Kailar, do you know of history that ancient," the Captain asked the Bajoran.

Kailar thought for a moment, then said, "I'm not sure, but maybe…obviously, we speak your 'English,' and I doubt we would've changed during almost any event…"

"So it is conceivable that the Bajorans did indeed introduce our quadrants language to this area of the galaxy, and it being actually a quite simple language, could mean that the surrounding species adopted it," the Captain commented. He leaned back in his chair and brought his hand up to his chin, unconsciously rubbing his chin. "If that's so, then you would have had to have come here at a very early time. That would mean that you would, most likely, be older than the Bajorans back in our galaxy, which would explain why you seem more peaceful and intelligent than our Bajorans."

"Perhaps," Kailar said. He frowned. "I do not see why the prophets would bother with time as well as location, but it seems like the answer to this situation."

Suddenly the alert klaxon sounded. "Senior officers to the bridge," a junior officer stated over the comm system.

"Report," Chris ordered as the senior officers entered the bridge. Suddenly the ship shook slightly.

"A spy ship entered the area, no doubt hoping it wouldn't be detected," the junior officer said before he took his post at auxiliary tactical.

"No doubt," Chris commented sarcastically as he sat down and checked his console.

"The fleet is hailing and is awaiting orders," Perkins stated.

Chris looked at the view screen again to see the screen focused on the decloaked vessel. The vessel was firing aft weapons at the Dragon and other ships as it attempted to escape from the collection of the fleet.

"Pursuit course," Chris ordered. "Tell the other ships to leave it to us. Helm, full impulse. Ada, target their weapons, shield and life support systems. Fire phasers on my mark."

"The fleet's responding and making way for us," Perkins stated.

"Phasers ready," Ada said. "I think they know we are now after them."

"Why do you say that," Chris asked. He looked up at the screen in time to see three green energy blasts pound the Dragon. The Dragon shook a little, but the blasts were light. The ship definitely was bent on stealth more than any thing else.

"Get in close," Chris said. "I don't want to have to try to get through their shields. Charge the two lower phaser banks to as full as they'll go and ready four quantum torpedoes."

"Aye sir," Ada stated. Moments passed as the Dragon neared the small craft, the shields barely receiving damage. "Torpedoes ready, phaser fully charged."

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