"No pattern, just make sure the Vorkalai don't get a piece of our hull!"

James let out a small laugh. "Aye sir, beginning evasive maneuvers."

Suddenly, the Vorkalai ships dropped out of warp dangerously close to the fleet. Immediately they began firing their weapons. The Dragon rocked from weapons fire impacting on the shields.

"Ready the twin cutting phasers," Chris ordered. "Before this battle gets confusing, let's take out as many as we can. Helm, prepare to initiate a one hundred eighty degree swing. During that time…" The ship rocked violently for a moment. "During that time, we will be firing the cutting phasers, and we will be taking out many ships…hopefully."

"Aye sir, ready when tactical is," James replied.

Vorkalai ships began exploding every where as weapons fire from all of the ships filled the area.

"Tactical ready," Ada stated.

"Execute," Chris ordered.

"Beginning in the arch in three seconds," James stated.

"Firing phasers," Ada stated.

Two crimson phaser blasts suddenly emitted from the Dragon. While the Dragon began it's arch, the blast cut through several ships like butter. Pieces began careening into other ships and in turn caused their destruction.

The Dragon still continued to be hit by weapons fire. However, the arch ended and the twin crimson beams ceased as the Dragon began new evasive maneuvers.

"Helm, set a course for that battle ship," Chris ordered.

"Aye sir," James stated.

"Power the cutting phasers back up and prepare to use it on the battle ship," Chris finished.

"Re-powering the cutting phasers," Ada confirmed. "Sir, all of these explosions going on around us is doing wonders to our shields."

"Making the hull glow," Chris asked sarcastically.

"Well, as a matter of fact," Ada replied sarcastically. "Any way, though we haven't taken too many hits yet, shields are already down to eighty-seven percent."

"Well, this battle shouldn't be too long," Chris commented. "Not with the weapons both sides have."

The Dragon was now weaving in between the ships, fighters, and weapons fire like it was a bat out of hell. It was moving so fast that it could barely perform the maneuvers it was performing. Weapons fire rarely hit it now as it continued its course towards the immense invasion ship that loomed like a giant Goliath in space.

"Battle status," Chris asked.

"Actually, not too well," Perkins replied. "We've lost just under three-quarters of the fleet!"

Chris was shocked. The battle was indeed not going well, especially since the battle had barely begun. "What about the Vorkalai fleet?"

"They've lost just over three-quarters of the fleet, but a good deal of their ships have become heavily damaged," Ada replied.

"I hope this won't be a stalemate," Chris commented quietly. "Because there's probably no doubt that the Vorkalai have plenty more ships."

"Sir, we are entering range," Perkins stated. "We've entered the area clear of ships surrounding the battle ship.

"Very well, set a direct course for the ship and begin firing all weapons when in range," Chris ordered.

Suddenly, the Dragon stopped its wild maneuvers and headed for the immense ship. Quantum and Photon torpedoes began firing at the ship, weakening its shields. It, in turn, began firing green energy blasts at the Dragon. They were too weak at this range and were bouncing off of the shields, barely damaging the Dragon.

Finally, the phaser cannon fired. The large crimson beam cut through what was left of the warship's shields and began digging a hole towards the ship's power core. Not long after, as the Dragon moved ever closer, the cutting phasers fired.

The Dragon came closer and closer, daring the ships to launch something large at the Dragon. Finally, the Dragon came close enough.

"Cease fire, veer off!" Chris shouted. The crimson beams suddenly ceased, only to be replaced by normal phaser blasts. The Dragon veered off course sharply and showed the warship its tail end.

"Fire all aft torpedoes, full spread," Chris finished.

First Photon torpedoes fired, all lining up and entering the huge hole in the warship. Then, Quantum torpedoes followed.

With those last torpedoes, the ship began to detonate. Pieces began flying at almost the speed of light as all of the power systems began detonating. Finally, the ship's main reactor blew. A shock wave flew through the empty space that the Vorkalai ships allowed the immense ship.

How ever, the shock wave reached the perimeter and damaged several Vorkalai ships, even causing some to be destroyed.

That, how ever, wasn't what was on Chris's mind. Staying in his seat was on his mind. The Dragon was thrown through space by the shock wave, spinning and elisting out of control.

How ever, helm finally got control and the inertial dampers finally compensated. Chris slumped in his seat, his hand automatically going to Sarah's.

Chris surveyed the bridge to see that a few consoles had exploded, including science and secondary science. Tom was okay, but the half-Vulcan was injured. A medic immediately went to the Vulcans side. She scanned him over for a moment, gave him a hypospray, then began helping him towards the turbolift.

"The situation is not good," High-Admiral Piarn commented. The Hintaru fleet was taking massive damage. Almost half of the fleet was destroyed, and the Vorkalai was still at two-thirds.

His aid, Corrian, nodded. "Indeed. I suggest we call for a retreat to the defense base."

The Ariantar, which was the flagship of the Hintaru Alliance, shook again as another weapon's blast hit.

"Shields are down to forty-seven percent, and we've lost another torpedo launcher," Akar, who was in charge of tactical, stated. "We aren't going to last much longer ourselves!"

Piarn thought for a moment. Indeed, there was no way to win this battle. The only hope would be the strong defense systems at the front defense base. There was enough firepower there to repel the remainder of the Vorkalai fleet.

"Comaria, open a channel to the fleet," Piarn ordered.

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