Comaria, who was the ops officer, looked at Piarn, a genuine look of surprise on her face. Even the smell of fear emitted from her for a moment was strong enough for every one on the Command Bridge to smell. If the High-Admiral of the Hintaru Alliance knew it was hopeless, then every one else immediately became fearful.

She looked to her console and pressed a few commands in before saying in her lovely high-pitched, yet soft voice, "Channel open, sir."

Piarn sighed before beginning. "This is High-Admiral Piarn. The battle is obviously taking a turn for the worse. And so, with regret, I must order a retreat to the defense base. It is our only hope of surviving. I'm ordering a retreat. Get back to that base as fast as you can!"

The ship shook violently again. "Shields down to forty percent."

"The fleet says it's on its way," Comaria stated.

"Good," Piarn said. "Now let's get out of here. Nav, set a course for the defense base, full power."

"Aye sir, course laid in," Trilantar replied.

"The Vorkalai are eating the fleet's dust," Perkins stated. "Almost all of the remaining ships made it out, and the Vorkalai are still chasing."

"Very well, as soon as the rest of the fleet in front of us is clear, engage the…" Chris never had a chance to finish.

The ship shook violently for a moment, throwing every one from their stations. A few consoles, bulkheads, and light fixtures exploded.

Odd alarms sounded as Chris attempted to get back into his chair. Somehow, Perkins had managed to remain in her seat.

"They've detonated an iscolitic burst!" she shouted. "A sub-space tear is forming!"

Chris stared in horror as the view screen showed what was going on behind the Dragon.

"Oh damn!"


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