"Drop us out of warp," Piarn ordered.

"Aye sir," the helmsman stated. "What's left of the fleet is dropping out of warp."

"Sir, the defense base is hailing us," Comaria stated.

"Put it on screen," Piarn ordered.

The screen changed from the immense defense web to the dark-purple color of Admiral Rikara.

"Boy are you a welcome site, Admiral," Piarn stated. "How long until the Vorkalai fleet arrives," Piarn asked. "Our long range sensors have been damaged."

"Thirty minutes," Rikara stated.

Piarn cussed. "This is not good. Let's get every thing into position now!"

"Mikal to bridge!" some one shouted over a comm channel in an excited voice.

Chris rubbed his temple as the headache worsened for a second. "Go ahead, ensign," Chris stated.

"Captain, I've spotted something to aft-starboard!"

Chris looked at the view screen immediately, only to find it off line. "Perkins, bring the view screen on-line and show what's to our aft-starboard."

"Aye sir," Perkins replied. The view screen activated to indeed show a ship of some sort. Chris squinted for a second, for even from this distance, the vessel looked familiar. His eyes then went wide as he realized what it was.

"Magnify!" he ordered.

Instantly the view screen changed to show a close of up of the vessel, and Chris's heart skipped a beat.

"How is this possible," Tom asked, his jaw dropped as he went to the science station only to find it still dead.

Chris shook his head. It WASN'T possible. Then again, it wasn't possible for the Dragon, either.

"Perkins, zoom in on the name of that ship," Chris ordered.

Once again the view screen zoomed in. Chris nodded his head in recognition.

"USS Frontier," Chris read out loud. "NCC-50148" Chris stared at the Galaxy-class starship. During a battle with the dominion two years ago, the Frontier seemed to have just vanished with no trace of it found since then.

"Can we hail them," Chris asked.

Kalia shook her head. "Not right now, but I think I can modify the comm array so that we can communicate."

"Do it," Chris ordered.

"Admiral!" some one yelled for Piarn.

Piarn immediately looked to see it was Comaria. She had a worried look on her face. "The Vorkalai fleet is dropping out of warp!"

Piarn immediately dropped what he was doing and sat down in the command chair.

"Bring all defense systems online," Piarn ordered.

"Barely enough time to get our defenses ready," Corrian, Piarn's advisor, commented.

Piarn nodded and watched the view screen intently…

The camera shows an empty starfield. Suddenly, with bright points of light flashing a greenish-white, the remainder of the Vorkalai fleet came out of warp. The camera follows the first ship, which is at full thrust, as it and the fleet approached the Hintaru fleet.

Suddenly, the Vorkalai ships began firing green energy blasts at the Hintaru fleet, and the fleet in turn fired the bluish colored Quantum Torpedoes at the Vorkalai.

"Captain," Tom began. "I've found a way to communicate with the Frontier."

Chris looked back to the science station and asked, "How do you know?"

"Because it looks like the Frontier's been hailing us for a while, and I just recently was able to receive the hail," Tom replied.

Chris automatically looked to the view screen. He stood and ordered, "On screen."

The familiar face of Lieutenant Commander Charley McKariant appeared on the view screen.

Chris smiled before saying, "Charley! Good to see you alive, my friend!"

Charley at first was bewildered, then he in turn smiled. "Good to see you, too," he began. He frowned and said, "Captain?"

Chris grinned and stated, "Yep. Was only promoted about three months ago, took command of this ship just under three months ago."

Charley frowned again and asked, "I read on your hull…the USS Dragon?"

Chris smiled again. Charley had been a science officer on the original Dragon. "Ya…Not too long after your ship vanished, the Dragon was destroyed near the Neutral Zone."

Charley had a solemn look on his face. "Survivors?"

Chris smiled. "Almost every one." Charley's face lightened at this.

Chris then became serious. "Charley, how the hell'd you get here?"

Charley sighed. "I'm not sure. We were on our way to Earth transporting a Romulan ambassador, who was to be one of many, when we suddenly ran into a sub-space tear. We actually didn't stop in time and entered the tear, but oddly, it didn't destroy us."

Chris sat down in his chair and sat back, listening intently.

Charley continued. "During that time, we lost most of our crew and systems, including Captain Kartian. She was killed while in engineering, along with most of our engineers. After we recovered as much as we could, we tried to find a way back into normal space. After a while we gave up and have been, for the past two years, searching around subspace for another tear to get us back into normal space. We almost got through the one you came into, but it closed before we had a chance… We've lost a lot of systems and crew since then. Lieutenant R'Sharn and myself are the only two senior officers left alive. We also only have about three hundred crew members left."

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