Fire hit the Dragon’s hull for a moment, causing the ship to shake slightly, but it wasn’t much of a blow.

“Shields down to 98 percent,” Ada reported.

The Dragon was now moving at full impulse, weaving in between the thousands of Vorkalai ships, destroying them left and right.

As with the last battle, thanks to the Britar ships, the battle didn’t last long. How ever, Chris’s spirits were down to a low. The Defense Base was destroyed.

“Long range sensors indicate a fleet of a thousand Vorkalai ships heading for Hintaru 3,” Perkins stated.

Chris sighed. “Send fifty-thousand Britar ships after them,” Chris stated.

Captain’s Log: Supplemental

Now that the Vorkalai are using the worm hole, we’ve posted twenty thousand Bertaan ships at it’s opening, ordered to fire the instant they identify a Vorkalai ship coming through. Hopefully, that’ll eliminate any more surprises the Vorkalai might have.

In four days, we are going to start advancing into Vorkalai space. The rest of the Bertaan fleet has joined us, and we’ve left about a third of their fleet in Hintaru space for defense. This obviously is a unique war. Instead of us guarding a front line, both sides are having major battles. How ever, the Defense Base now has Weapons Platforms posted along the ‘front line,’ so we should be all right.

“An accident could have been prevented,” Chris stated solemnly to Sarah. “We should have known they would use the worm hole.”

Some how, their quarters seemed gloomier than it ever has been. Sarah wondered why…

“Don’t blame yourself,” Sarah stated. “I won’t blame you for it.” She shrugged. “Then again, I DID tell you not to let it happen again.”

Chris looked at her and let out a quiet laugh. “Are you going to give me a formal reprimand?”

Sarah moved closer to Chris and said, “As a matter of fact.”

Chris raised an eye brow. “I could have you demoted, delete your reprimand, and then reprimand you.”

Sarah let out a small quiet laugh. “I doubt you’d do that.”

“Oh really,” Chris asked. “And how do you know that?”

Sarah cocked her head to the left, smiled, then replied, “Because you love me.”

“That doesn’t seem to be stopping you,” Chris said.

Sarah laughed, then just laid her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes. The last couple of weeks had been hard on them both.

But things weren’t about to get any easier. The crew would no doubt face more than what they had bargained for in this war. A bloody war was ahead.

As if it hasn’t been bloody enough all ready, Chris thought to himself, leaning his head against Sarah’s.

His last thought, of course, when he fell asleep, was of Sarah.

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