Captain’s Log: Supplemental

It’s been four weeks since the success at the Battle Sector…and our loss of the first Defense Base. All ready, three large conflicts have occurred. Now, as we all settle into the war, smaller conflicts are occurring.

We’ve begun pressing our way into Vorkalai space, and have begun regular patrols. Right now, the Dragon and one Britar starship are patrolling the Teeran sector, near the Onkrine nebula. We’ve stopped our patrol momentarily as we investigate the nebula for what could turn out to be a new power source…as well as a good staging area for an assault on a Vorkalai-controlled planet.


“The gas is composed of mostly ionized trilithium and some unknown compound,” Perkins stated from the ops station. She looked back at the Captain, a look of confusion on her face. “I don’t see how the trilithium could be stable,” she said. “Some how, that second compound the gas is composed of seems to be keeping the trilithium particles stable.”

“And that is why I think this ‘gas’ could be used to power ships,” Chris stated. “I don’t know how, but it could.”

“The second compound seems to be heavily ionized and magnetized,” Tom stated from the science station. He looked up from his console at Perkins. “That could be what’s keeping the Trilithium stable.”

The Captain looked at her now. “It’s conceivable,” Perkins stated. “Though some what unlikely.”

“Is there any way to collect the compound,” Chris asked Tom.

Tom shook his head immediately. “Unfortunately, no,” he replied. “The gas could easily be set off and cause a large explosion through out the entire nebula, causing every thing with in 40 parsecs to be either destroyed or heavily saturated with theta radiation.”

“Damn,” Chris said. “That also rules out using the nebula for cover, doesn’t it?”

“Unfortunately,” Perkins replied before turning around again. Then she thought of something.

She turned back around to face the Captain. “Sir, the Vorkalai could use this as a weapon!” she stated.

“What do you mean,” Chris asked, confusion on his face.

“Once we take complete control of this area, they could some how set off the gas in the nebula and destroy a good portion of our fleet,” Perkins stated. Then it hit her. “If they haven’t already sent a remote bomb in there.”

Horror came across Chris’s face. “She’s right,” Ada stated from tactical. “It would be a great weapon. Even more so if it were collected and used as a weapon.”

“Scan that nebula as best you can,” Chris ordered.

Perkins looked at her console and entered the appropriate command, but already knew what the answer would be. “We can’t get past the outer layers,” she said. “The Ionization of the gas won’t permit it.”

“Send a probe in,” Chris ordered. “Have it go in with maneuvering thrusters only. Keep a relay probe near the outer edges of the nebula as well.”

“Launching probes,” Ada stated. Two probes shot away from the Dragon on the view screen. Both stopped their impulse thrusters before they entered the nebula. One stayed on the outer edge, but the other vanished into the nebula.

“I estimate it’ll take about four hours to cover the entire nebula,” Perkins stated.

“Open a hailing channel to the Defense Base,” Chris ordered.

Perkins entered the command, and an image of Admiral Piarn immediately came on screen.

“Admiral, we need a small fleet of Britar ships sent to our location immediately,” Chris stated right away.

“Why,” Piarn asked, confused but concerned.

“We’ve discovered a nebula that, if the gases in side it detonate, could destroy every thing with in 40 parsecs,” Chris stated. “We need to make sure they don’t get that chance. We’ve sent a probe in to see if they haven’t already left a bomb, but even if we find and disable it, they could come back and set it off.”

Piarn nodded. “Will do, Captain.” He looked at something off screen. “I’d estimate a day before we can have a full defense force to you. Until then, it’ll be your job to defend the nebula.”

“Very well,” Chris replied. “Dragon out.”

Perkins closed the channel. She suddenly noticed that her shift had been up for ten minutes, but ignored it. She wanted to monitor the situation closely…

Some one suddenly cleared their throat near her. She looked to her left to see R’Sharn, the hot-tempered Andorian. She motioned to the ops console, indicating it was now her shift.

“Oh, that’s all right, you can have this shift off,” Perkins stated before looking back at the data being sent back by the probe.

“I think not,” R’Sharn said rather harshly.

“Perkins, perhaps you should get some rest,” the Captain stated.

“I’d rather finish the scan of the nebula, sir,” Perkins replied, not looking at him or R’Sharn.

They both were silent for a moment, then R’Sharn said rather sharply, “Sir!”

“Remain on the bridge,” Chris stated. “But Perkins may finish her scan.”

“Captain!” R’Sharn said even louder. “She just wants to impress you!”

The Captain didn’t reply for a moment. Suddenly, he said, “I want you in my ready room,” Chris said, no doubt standing up now. “Now!” he said in a commanding tone.

Perkins looked at R’Sharn, who scowled at Perkins. Perkins merely looked back at her console.

“Do you have a hearing problem,” the Captain suddenly asked.

R’Sharn sighed. “No, sir.”

“Don’t you EVER bring your personal problems to the bridge,” Chris said sharply as soon as the doors to the ready room closed.

“Captain, she’s competing with me!” R’Sharn shouted.

“YOU are the one who’s competing here,” Chris said, moving to the replicator. “Tea, Earl Gray,” he said. A mug immediately appeared.

He took the mug from the replicator, then beamed at R’Sharn. He was angry with her. “You are angry that a Lieutenant fresh from the academy has been made senior ops officer over a seasoned Lieutenant Commander,” Chris stated sharply.

“No, that’s NOT it,” R’Sharn stated.

Chris sat in his chair behind his desk, put his feet up, and set his mug down. He stared at R’Sharn’s blue face for a moment, then said quietly, “Yes, you are.”


“SIT down, Lieutenant Commander,” Chris ordered, motioning towards one of the chairs in front of his desk. R’Sharn hesitated for a moment…a moment too long.

“NOW!” Chris shouted, anger filling with in him.

R’Sharn complied this time. He stared at her as she sat down, making sure it was an icy stare. After she had sat down, he continued to stare at her.

Finally, he said, “I expect you to be more professional in the future.”

“Sir,” R’Sharn began to protest.

“Quiet!” Chris said sternly. She glared at him, but then submitted.

“Next time you bring your personal problems to the bridge, I’ll throw you in the brig for a week for insubordination,” Chris stated. “You have problems you can’t solve on your own time, you talk it over with Counselor Latrael.”

“Yes, sir,” R’Sharn said.

“Dismissed,” Chris said.

R’Sharn stood and began a brisk pace out of the ready room. “R’Sharn,” Chris stated as she stopped by the now open door. “You might want to check in at sick bay when your shift is up,” Chris said.


Chris glared an icy glare at her. “You seem to have a big problem hearing my orders.”

R’Sharn remained expressionless for a moment, then charged out of his ready room. He hated doing that to friends, but in this case, he had not choice. He had to keep his bridge officers in line.


James sighed as he leaned against a rock. They were almost to the top, but he was becoming exhausted much more quickly now, due to the thin atmosphere this high up.

“I thought you were more athletic,” Kara stated sarcastically.

“I am,” James stated wryly.

“Doesn’t look that way to me,” Kalia said in her French accent.

James smiled wryly, then pushed off the rock. He began ascending the steep path again. They’d been climbing ever since their shifts had ended. James was glad they had invited him, but now, if it weren’t for the company of two women, he would’ve regretted coming along.

Unfortunately, the women had teased him the entire hike. Then again, it wasn’t all that bad.

Suddenly, the alert klaxon sounded from seemingly no where. “Senior officers to the bridge,” Tom said over the comm system. James sighed, relieved that the hike ended.


“Report,” Chris said as he entered the bridge. Sarah immediately emerged from one of the turbolifts.

Chris stood in front of the command chair and looked at the view screen, despite the fact that it provided little information.

“The probe found a bomb with a Vorkalai configuration,” Perkins stated. “Looks to be compressed antimatter.”

Her console suddenly sounded an alarm. “Sir, three Vorkalai ships just decloaked near the bomb!”

“Stop the probe!” Chris shouted.

“Probe’s motion has ceased,” Perkins replied. “They are targeting the bomb and have charged their weapons, but that’s as far as they’ve gone.”

“Damn, a stand off,” Sarah remarked. James, Kara, and Kalia emerged from one of the turbo lifts. They were wearing a hikers uniform.

As they took their proper places, Perkins stated, “The lead ships is hailing us.”

Chris walked closer to the view screen and ordered, “On screen.”

The familiar color of a green humanoid filled the view screen. “I am Per’tar of the Vorkalai ship Bri’ander,” the Vorkalai said in a gruff voice.

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