Piarn nodded. “Yes, we know that, but we have no idea what may have caused it.”

Chris sighed yet again, his hopes slightly diminished. “I think I do.”

Piarn raised a black eye brow. “Well, what then?”

“While on our way here, Carl had shown us information on a secret weapon the Vorkalai had been working on,” Chris said. “Did he tell you about it?”

Piarn frowned. “Yes, of course.” Then surprise over came his face. “You don’t mean to tell me that it was this ship that caused all of the damage?!?”

Chris only nodded. “The distress signal from that Britar fleet described the ship’s signal as Vorkalai, and severe temporal anomalies are in all of the places it’s attacked,” Chris pointed out. “The only explanation is that it’s the Vorkalai ship…” Chris leaned forward in his chair. “Admiral…it IS The Destroyer.”

Piarn remained silent for a moment, dread filling his face as he realized what this could mean for the war. Despite the recent victories, a ship with the ability to disrupt the space-time continuum at will was a force to be reckoned with.

Chris stood and approached the view screen, a very serious look on his face. “Admiral,” he said, snapping Piarn’s attention back. “We need to plan out a way to destroy this thing.”

Piarn nodded. “I know that, Captain,” he stated dryly. “But how can we plan from something we know little about?”

“We gain intelligence,” Chris merely stated. Piarn frowned. Chris smiled. “We infiltrate them some how, and we get the information we need.”

“And how do you propose to do that,” Piarn asked.

Chris shook his head. “I have some what of a small plan in mind, but I’m going to expand on this plan with my senior staff.”

Piarn simply nodded. “Good. Have this plan to me as soon as possible.”

Chris nodded and said, “Of course. Dragon out.”

When the view screen flickered off, Chris turned back to Sarah and ordered, “Assemble the senior staff in the observation lounge at 09:30 tomorrow.”

Sarah nodded. As Chris headed for the turbolift, he said, “In the mean time, have every one get some rest.”

Captain’s personal log

I figured something like this would happen. Just when we get a hand hold on the war, JUST when we start advancing, the enemy comes out with something better. We need to come up with a plan. In all truth, I lied to Admiral Piarn. I have no plan. That is why tomorrow is going to be a long day…

Chris sighed and put the data padd down on the coffee table. He leaned back and relaxed in the couch. Today had been the beginning of what was sure to be a long mission.

The doors to the quarters opened and Chris smiled as Sarah entered. She smiled in return while taking off her uniform’s coat. She threw it over the side of a chair and then sat down next to Chris.

“First time we’ve officially gone against the regs,” she stated.

Chris nodded. “Ya, but we need to,” he said. “The senior staff must get some rest, other wise things will start going wrong merely because the crew is falling asleep.”

Sarah let out a small laugh. “That should be interesting,” she said. “The Dragon crashing into the Destroyer and destroying it merely because we are asleep on the bridge.”

Chris in turned let out a small laugh, despite himself. “Yes, at least we’d make the war better for the Britar and Hintaru.” Then Chris’s face became serious. “Sarah, I have no plan,” he said solemnly.

Sarah nodded. “I know.”

“That’s why tomorrow’s going to be a long day.”

Sarah sighed and stood up. “Come on, let’s get some rest.”

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