“You’ve improved,” Captain Chris Harriman said to Commander Sarah Caft over the comm system. They were on the holodeck in a simulation Chris had created back in the academy. It was a simulation where you could fly fighter craft into battles against other fighter craft or even starships. The fighter design made all other shuttle designs look like toys in weaponry.

“Thanks,” Sarah replied. “I practiced ever since you left the academy.”

“Good, we’ll have to go one on one some time, instead of flying together,” Chris said.

Chris could see on his console that they were coming up on the coordinates where they would begin their ascent out of the atmosphere. “Get ready, once we leave the atmosphere, our fleet is going to battle two galaxy class and two sovereign class vessels as well as two squads of fighters.”

“All right,” Sarah replied. “All craft switching to battle mode.”

“Good thing I made these modifications, other wise we might not have been able to succeed in this mission, with two sovereign class starships,” Chris remarked.

“All right, beginning ascent,” Sarah said.

“Bridge to holodeck two,” Lieutenant Commander Thomas Halkrat interrupted over the Dragon’s comm system.

“Harriman here,” Chris said as he sighed.

“Long range sensors detect a system with M class planets,” Tom reported.

“Very well, we are on our way,” Chris said. As Chris cut the communications channel, he said, “Computer, end program.”

“Captain, an unidentified craft is approaching from the fourth planet of the system,” Lieutenant Ada Marquet reported.

As Chris sat down in the command chair, he said, “As soon as we are with in communications range, drop to impulse power.”

“Aye Captain,” Lieutenant James Trikal replied. “As a matter of fact, dropping out of warp now.”

The view screen showed the streaking star field turn into the normal star field. “The lead ship is hailing us,” James said from the operations station next to the helm. Since the Dragon had yet to receive full crew, they had to double up on some assignments. They had yet to receive an operations officer when they had been thrown to the Kalium Galaxy. Of course, usually Perkins was at ops.

“On screen,” Chris ordered.

“I’m Commander Carl Dutralium of the Hintaru ship Diqualia,” a humanoid said as he appeared on the main view screen. This particular species had a purplish hue to their faces as well as black hair.

“I’m Captain Chris Harriman of the Federation starship Dragon,” Chris replied.

“We do not recognize who the Federation is,” Carl replied.

Chris let out a small laugh, and replied, “No, you wouldn’t. We come from another galaxy.”

The purple alien on the view screen showed a look of surprise on his face. “You can travel across galaxies,” Carl asked.

Chris let out another laugh as he said, “If only. An imbalance in subspace created a disruption in our warp field and caused us to go to amazing speeds. We could not come out of it until it lost power, and when it finally did, we found our selves on the other side of the known universe.”

“I see,” Carl said. “Well, we are but a small outpost of a larger group. We too are lost. Four diqrauts ago our Starbase was caught in some sort of anomaly. We were forced to evacuate to the fourth planet of this system and are awaiting rescue, when ever that may come.”

“I see,” Chris replied. “We would like to help you, but we are trying to reach any large group, a federation or something, that might be able to put up a good fight against a species called the Vorkalai.”

“The Vorkalai,” Carl asked. “You have met the Vorkalai?”

Chris frowned, and replied, “Yes, about two or three weeks ago when we first entered this galaxy. One ship nearly destroyed us.”

“Yes, the Hintaru have encountered this species once before,” Carl said in a voice of pain. “Four Vorkalai ships nearly decimated one of ten fleets. How close are they to us?”

Suddenly a sensor alarm sounded. “Sir, I’m reading warp signatures entering the area, and lot’s of them,” Ada reported. “Apparently they are being emitted by cloaked ships.”

“I’m not taking any chances, Red alert, all hands to battle stations,” Chris ordered. He looked back at the screen, and said, “We are transmitting data on a weapon that can easily help you defend yourselves against the Vorkalai. With our advanced sensors, we can tell that you have a day before the ships arrive. Equip any ships and defenses you have with it. We must move on and find Hintaru space so that we may put up a fighting chance against the Vorkalai. Please give us a map of your space and how far we are from your space.”

“Very well,” Carl said. “We’ll get to work immediately. We are sending the information now. Diqualia out.”

The view screen showed the star field as well as the very small Hintaru craft. “Tom, send the specs on the quantum torpedo and launcher immediately,” Chris ordered. “As soon as that’s done, set a course away from Vorkalai space and engage at warp thirteen.”

“Aye, sir, transmitting data now,” Tom replied.

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