“Dismissed,” Chris ordered. The changelings and his officers all filed out of the main briefing room on deck eight. All except Chris and Sarah.

After every one left, Chris began, “During this crisis, I let out something I feared since I began my career as a Starfleet officer. I became them and even killed one of them when it wasn’t necessary!”

Sarah kneeled down next to him and put her arm on his shoulder. “Hey, you did what was necessary to keep this crew alive.”

Chris shook his head and said, “I should have tried diplomacy first. That’s what the Federation is all about!”

Sarah looked him in the eyes and said, “Hey, it’s your first time on the job. Learn from your mistakes. Every captain makes mistakes.” Suddenly a serious look came over her face and she pointed a finger at him. “Just don’t let it happen again!”

Chris smiled and replied, “Yes sir.”

Sarah also smiled and then said, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“The Hintaru ships report ready for warp speed,” Perkins reported from the recently repaired conn.

“We are ready to go to warp,” Commander Kalia Tarkent reported. “We can obtain a maximum of warp ten point five.”

“The Hintaru said their ships can reach that speed,” Perkins reported.

“All right then,” Chris said. He looked around the bridge for a moment. “It sure is good to have you all back.” Every one smiled at him. Chris looked at the view screen and ordered, “Let’s see what’s out there… set a course towards Hintaru space…warp ten point five.”

“Course laid in,” James reported.

“Sir, the Hintaru ships are responding and are setting a course,” Perkins said.


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