“That’s also what I think about,” Sarah said. “Dying in this galaxy instead of at home…”

Commander Kara Trieal sighed as she put down her data padd. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. It had been about a week and a half since they had deposited the changelings on the M class planet, and now, she was reading the medical information about the Vorkalai. Chris had ordered her to do so and to find any weaknesses.

“We leave one war to come right into another one,” Kara commented quietly.

The door chime on her office door sounded. “Come in,” Kara said.

Lieutenant Commander Lisa Ogawa entered her office. Lisa was one of Allysa Ogawa’s cousins, who was a nurse aboard the Enterprise.

“Good morning, Doctor,” Lisa said as she sat down in front of Kara’s desk.

Kara yawned again and then remarked, “You know, you could just call me Kara.

“Any way, what’s on your mind?”

“Actually, nothing much,” Lisa replied. “Haven’t had any one in sick bay in the past hour, so I decided I’d pass the time away with a chat with you.”

Kara smiled, and said, “Good, I need a break.” As Kara stood, she asked, “Would you like some tea?”

Lisa smiled and said, “Yes, please.”

Kara walked over to the replicator and said, “Computer, two cups of tea, hot.”

“State which type of tea you would like,” the female computer voice responded.

Kara sighed and said, “Any thing that’ll help keep me awake.”

After a moment, two mugs of hot tea appeared in the replicator. Kara brought one over to Lisa and then sat down, taking a sip of her tea.

“So, what is it you miss most,” Kara asked as she put her mug down.

Lisa sighed and after a moment replied, “I guess I miss my family the most. Especially my cousin…she’s so lucky to serve aboard the Enterprise…”

Kara smiled as she felt her fatigue lessen. “Don’t forget, you are aboard a state of the art ship that only recruited the best people. Plus we are in an area Starfleet may never hope to reach.”

Lisa nodded as she took a sip herself, and replied, “True, but this isn’t the flag ship like the Enterprise is.”

“Doesn’t have to be,” Kara replied.

After a moment of silence, Lisa asked, “What about you?”

Kara immediately replied, “Same as you, my family.” She sighed as she continued. “Well, I guess mostly my brother.” She let out a small laugh as she continued with, “He always had the last word, but no matter how many arguments we got into, we always managed to remain close…”

“What about a husband,” Lisa asked.

Kara shook her head and replied, “Nope. Never wanted to, either. I guess I was always to engrossed in my work, except as of late. Several loves, though.”

“Oh,” Lisa simply replied.

Just as Kara began to take another sip of her tea, an announcement was made. “Senior officers to the briefing room,” Chris said.

“We think we may have detected a wormhole,” Chris informed his senior officers. “We are waiting here to see if it’s true. According to our sensors, it should open with in two hours. I want all stations to be ready. We may have to go in when it opens, but I hope to be able to stay out so we can study it and make sure its safe to travel through…as well as find out where it goes. Tom, prepare a long range probe.”

“What about the project with the new shuttle craft and the fighters,” Sarah asked. “Weren’t we supposed to start that once we remedied the changeling problem?”

“Oh ya, I almost forgot about that,” Chris replied. “Kalia, Sarah, you two and I will begin on that. I will give copies of the plans to all of you and I ask that you submit any ideas, no matter how trivial, to either me or Sarah.”

Every one in the room nodded their heads in reply. “Well then, if there’s nothing else…” After a moment of silence, Chris said, “Dismissed.”

“Well, this is going to be a tightly packed ship,” Kalia commented. “Well, let’s see what it looks like.”

Chris looked to the center of the holodeck and ordered, “Computer, show the Bladerunner class fighter.”

Suddenly the holodeck changed to show a repair bay that was also of Chris’s design as well as his fighter dry docked in the center. If you looked at the fighter from above, it almost looked like a smooth, yet deformed Y. Actually, it also almost looked like an old red magnet with a small ‘nub’ on the rounded end. It was a gray color with markings here and there.

It was slightly smaller than the Danube class shuttle. The cockpit was made to accommodate a pilot and a passenger if needed. It had four small warp nacelles that, from above, looked like a long oval that came to a point at either end, two on top, two on the bottom. It also had two large impulse engines at the end of each ‘leg’ of the Y shaped fighter.

Inside near the end of the center part of the Y shape is a matter/anti-matter reaction chamber. A very small container of matter was to the starboard of the chamber that also had a replicator to replicate more matter. To the port was a container about 2 or 3 times as large as the matter container with compressed anti-matter. Directly in front of the reaction chamber is a large container of compressed coolant, and directly in front of that is a container of deuterium. To either side of the deuterium and coolant takes are two pulse cannons. Directly beneath the cockpit is a quantum torpedo launcher that also carries about 10 miniature quantum torpedoes as well as a replicator specially programmed to completely replicate new torpedoes in about forty-five seconds. How ever, the maximum speed of the ship is warp 3.2 because the matter/anti-matter power system is used primarily for weapons and propulsion. Also, a very small fusion reactor is directly in front of the cockpit near the edge of the front of the ship used for communications and life support in an emergency. Underneath the ship was both a deflector dish and a shield generator.

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