“The worm hole is about to open,” Tom reported.

“Yellow alert,” Chris ordered. “Full impulse on my mark.”

After a few moments, Tom reported, “She’s opening up!”

On the view screen, a wormhole that looked somewhat similar to the Bajoran wormhole opened on the main view screen.

“Engage,” Chris ordered.

“Worm hole perimeter in five seconds,” James reported.

Suddenly the main view screen switched to show another star field, different from the one they left behind.

“Report,” Chris ordered, a frown showing on his face.

After a moment, Tom reported, “Sir, it seems that the worm hole may have had some temporal properties…or something. I’m not exactly sure, but what ever it was, it allowed us to travel through it instantaneously.”

Chris sighed, and said, “Good, set a course for the Hintaru home planet, warp twelve.”

“The Hintaru ships are following,” Ada said.

“Sir, sensors are picking up a sensor buoy about one light year away,” Tom reported. “It’s of Hintaru configuration.”

“So they know we are coming,” Chris said quietly. “Good.”

The trip into Hintaru space was short with no interruptions at all. Finally, about four light years from the border, Tom reported, “A ship of Hintaru configuration is approaching at warp seven.”

“Slow to warp three,” Chris ordered. “Let us allow them to catch up at a fast rate.”

“Aye sir,” James replied. The streaking starfield on the main view screen slowed considerably.

“They have hailed the Dintaqua and are consulting with them,” Ada reported. After a few moments, she said, “We are all clear to head towards the home planet at our maximum warp.”

“Good, let’s get there as fast as we can,” Chris said. “Helm, increase speed to warp fifteen.”

Captain’s Log: Supplemental

The Dragon has been docked in the main Starbase in orbit around Hintaru for about a week and is under going major repairs and refit. It is estimated that these will be completed in about a month. I have ordered that the phaser cannon which we received plans on from one of the other dimensions to be placed on top of the saucer section right in front of the bridge. Also, two smaller ‘cutting’ phasers will be placed on the bottom of the saucer section on either side of the quantum torpedo launcher and bay. The Captain’s yacht is being refitted with the advanced Hintaru plasma drive. Apparently it helps small ships but its size is limited and so it can’t help larger ships such as the Dragon.

The first Bladerunner class fighter is finally being constructed aboard the Dragon and is estimated to be finished some time today. I have decided to let James be the test pilot of it. Also, shuttle bay two is being re-constructed to hold and launch thirty fighters, as it was empty when we left our galaxy. Later as we await repairs and refit of the Dragon, we will design a shuttle based around the Bladerunner class fighter. Also, the crew is receiving some needed R&R.

“Turned your dream into a better reality,” Sarah commented to Chris as they looked at the completed Bladerunner class fighter.

Chris nodded and said, “Indeed it is better. I owe it all to Carl. With out his help we might not have seen it as something other than a photonic projection on the holodeck.”

As they both turned away and leaned against the railing on the second deck of the immense shuttle bay, Sarah commented, “I must say, though, the Dragon is of an odd design…especially with the Captain’s yacht in a covered bay instead of nestled underneath the quantum torpedo launcher.”

“Yes, it is strange,” Chris replied. “But I don’t mind it…”

After a moment, Sarah asked, “Do you really think the changelings will be OK?”

Chris thought a moment, and then replied, “Well, we did give them sufficient supplies and all, plus they are only fifteen people, so they should be small enough not to be noticed.

After a few more minutes of silence, Sarah said, “Come on Captain, let’s go get some R&R.”

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