The pirate ship began to spin out of control. Before long, it went into a flat spin, and then finally crashed into the side of the mountain.

James pulled the stick back to avoid crashing into the mountain himself, then brought the Bladerunner around to look for the Captain.

“Harriman to Bladerunner,” the Captain’s familiar voice came over the comm system. “Are we ever glad to see you.”

James opened a channel and said, “It’s good to hear your voice, sir. We responded immediately when we received your distress signal.”

“Could you have the Meridian come to our location on auto pilot and then beam us up?” James smiled and said, “With pleasure, sir.”

Captain’s log: Supplemental

With a sigh of relief, I return to the Dragon. Though we weren’t down there for very long, it was enough of an experience. I certainly hope we don’t have to go through something like that again, and instead look forward to vacationing on the holodeck.

“Risa,” Chris said. “They certainly created a great simulation of it.”

Sarah and Chris were on the holodeck lounging in lounge chairs. “I wonder, now that we’ve changed time for the better, if Risa was destroyed or not.”

Suddenly Chris stood and knelt by Sarah’s lounge chair. She was confused at first, but then realized what he was doing.

He produced a small box and opened it to reveal a beautiful ring with some rare-looking diamond.

“Sarah, will you marry me?”

Sarah was speechless at first, feelings that she never felt before coursing through her senses. She had waited for this day since they were reunited on the Dragon bridge for the first time. She knew the answer, but couldn’t say it because of the shock. Finally…


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