Some where in the 29th century
Federation time ship Relativity

Captain Braxton saw something peculiar come up on sensors. Though he hated to divert his attention while Seven of Nine was on Voyager in the past, he had to check it out.

He brought up the readings on the main viewer to get the opinion of the rest of the crew.

“What do you make of that,” he asked the lieutenant who was his 1st officer.

The officer looked up from the console he was working on to look at the main view screen.

“It looks like some major alterations in time have occurred,” he commented. He narrowed his eyes as he assimilated the information on the screen. “A planet…no, an entire system is being moved before the Bajorans are deposited on it.”

“Which system would that be,” Braxton asked. “And where.”

“The Tarshikan system in the Kalium Galaxy,” the officer replied. He pressed a few buttons to make time continue as he thought of something. “It looks like it is being made so that the USS Dragon is going to intercept it.”

Braxton pointed to an odd reading that kept playing across the bottom of the screen and asked, “Those readings look familiar. Do you recognize them?”

“Not yet, but I can run them through the computer,” the officer replied.

“Later,” Braxton responded. “We need to concentrate on saving Voyager.”

“Seven of Nine to Relativity. I’ve found the weapon.”

Kalium Galaxy
USS Dragon

Captain Chris Harriman smiled as he woke up. Despite everything that has happened to the ship in the past week, he was happy…mainly because of the dream he had just had.

He checked the clock on the desk by his bed to see it was only about 04:00. He wondered why he had woken up so early.

“I repeat, bridge to Captain Harriman. You awake, sir?”

“That’s why,” Chris thought out loud. He pressed a button on his desk and replied, “Go ahead, bridge.”

“We’ve detected an M class planet four light years away,” the person on duty said. Chris didn’t recognize her voice.

“Very well, I’ll be up there in a minute. By the way, who are you, and how come a senior officer isn’t calling me,” Chris asked.

“Perkins, sir,” the person replied. “Lieutenant Vendar Perkins. Commander Trieal was called away on a medical emergency for a moment and thought it would be all right to leave the bridge for a moment.”

Chris sighed and said, “All right, thank you Lieutenant.”

As Chris deactivated the communications channel, he commented, “Definitely going to have a talk with her.” At least one senior officer was to be present on the bridge at all times, night or day.

As Chris stood to get dressed, he opened a communications channel and said, “Harriman to Caft.”

After a moment, the ship’s first officer, Commander Sarah Caft, replied in a groggy voice, “Chris, I hope you realize what time it is.” As Chris slipped on his uniform, he said, “We’ve detected an M class planet near by. I was wondering if you might want to join me on the bridge.”

He heard Sarah sigh. “All right, but this better be worth it!” Chris smiled as he commented, “Well, aren’t we out of line this morning.”

“Please, Chris, you know I’m not a morning person.”

Chris smiled even deeper and said, “I know, I’m just teasing you. Harriman out.”

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