Chris smiled and replied quietly, “No they won’t.”

“Course set,” James stated.

“Engage,” Chris ordered.

USS Furious

“This is…this is amazing,” Darren stated. “The Dragon just jumped to warp fifteen!”

Eric looked up with a face of surprise and wonder. “I guess we won’t be right behind them,” he commented.

USS Dragon

Captain’s log: supplemental

We have now set a course directly to Deep Space Nine and should be there at least an hour before the warships get there. That should give us enough time to prepare DS9 and the other ships that hopefully have set course for her.

“Approaching Deep Space Nine,” Perkins stated.

“Drop out of warp and hail DS9,” Chris ordered.

First the streaking starfield slowed into a stationary starfield with the station in front of them, then Captain Sisko’s face appeared on the view screen.

“I’m Captain Chris Harriman of the starship Dragon,” Chris stated. “I’m sending you all the information you need now, including upgrades for weaponry and shielding.”

“Could you explain a little more,” Sisko asked.

“It’ll all be in the file I’m sending you. I’ll contact you later, but there’s a lot to do in the little time we have. Dragon out.”

Chris cut the comm channel. “Send the file to DS9,” Chris ordered.

“Strange,” Sarah stated. “Usually there were Klingon ships or at least one ship by DS9, but in this case, there are none.”

“I think they were all on a mission,” Chris replied.

“The Enterprise, the Paris, and the Galaxy are here,” Ada reported.

“That just leaves the Intrepid and the Furious to get here,” Chris stated. He smiled as the Paris came on to the view screen. That ship was more advanced than the Dragon was. He was surprised it didn’t survive the battle.

“Hail the Paris,” Chris ordered.

Suddenly, the familiar face of Captain Lev Rivers appeared on the screen. Chris saw a look of surprise come over Lev’s face as he no doubt recognized Chris.

“Chris,” Lev asked in a voice of surprise.

“Well, yes, but from another time,” Chris said. He then realized something. “Send the same file to the other ships,” Chris ordered. “That’ll explain a few things.”

Lev looked some what confused, so Chris said, “After you’ve read the file, contact me. Dragon out.”

The screen returned to DS9 and the three ships orbiting, as well as the Defiant docked.

“Sir, I’ve got an estimate on the arrival of both the battle ships and the Furious,” Perkins stated. “About an hour before the warships arrive, and it looks like the Furious won’t be here for an addition ten to fifteen minutes.”

“Great,” Chris commented. “We need all the fire power we can get…oh well. We’ll do fine and should hold up well before she arrives.”

“Hopefully we’ll be doing just great,” Sarah began, “And when she shows up, it’ll help with the final blow.”

“Ya,” Chris said with a voice of hopefulness. “Hopefully…”

After a few minutes, Perkins finally stated, “The Paris is hailing and requesting a private conversation.”

“Very well, I’ll take it in my ready room,” Chris stated as he stood up. He headed for his ready room. As he entered, he stated, “You have the bridge, Sarah.”

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