Chris closed the channel as he thought about what was going to happen. He hoped he was doing the right thing…

“Ten seconds,” Ada reported.

“Full impulse,” Chris ordered. “Fire on my command at the lead ship.”

“They’re dropping out of warp,” Ada reported.

Here goes nothing, Chris thought. Suddenly the thirty-eight remaining warships appeared out of apparently no where. “Evasive maneuver pattern Omega. Fire all weapons!”

The ship lurched to starboard as a full spread of photon torpedoes fired away, followed by a full spread of quantum torpedoes. All impacted on the lead ship, causing it’s destruction.

Weapons fire from the Paris and Defiant also joined the Dragon’s.

“Stay on this side of that fleet,” Chris ordered. “Keep them away from the station for as long as possible!”

Finally, despite the evasive maneuvers, weapons fire pounded the Dragon’s shields. The ship shuddered at first, as it was a mere ricochet, but the next one hit head on, causing the ship to lurch back for a moment. Inertial dampeners did compensate immediately, how ever.

Phaser fire from all banks of the Dragon began to hit their marks as Jem Hadar warships surrounded the three ships.

“It’s not working,” Ada reported. “They are merely firing at us while they continue on to DS9!”

“Fire aft and fore weapons,” Chris ordered. “Full spreads!”

The ship shook and lurched again as it was hit by another volley of weapons fire from the warships.

“Shields are down to ninety two percent,” Ada replied. “Holding remarkably well! Kalia must’ve done something right!”

“Don’t criticize people behind their backs,” Chris lectured Ada.

Chris suddenly saw, after another volley hit the Dragon, that they had figured out the Dragon’s evasive maneuvers and were compensating.

“Evasive maneuver pattern Delta,” Chris ordered. The warships were making head way towards DS9 and were almost in range. “Cut them off at the pass,” Chris remarked using an old term. “Fire on the ships on the front line!”

The Dragon lurched, then fired another volley of photon and quantum torpedoes.

“Shields are down to eighty four percent,” Ada reported. The ship was hit again. “Correction, eighty percent.”

Finally, the warships were in range and began to fire upon DS9. The three ships protecting DS9 began to fire back at the warships.

Chris started to have a bad feeling about this battle. Things were not going well at all.

He looked on his console to see that the Furious was still three minutes away.

The Defiant flew by on the main view screen very close to the Dragon. “OK, so a lunatic is piloting the Defiant,” Chris remarked.

“I think it’s Worf this time,” Sarah remarked. A smaller Jem Hadar ship flew by, closer than the Defiant did, and right on the Defiant’s tail.

“Destroy that little fighter,” Chris ordered. “Before he gets a piece of the Defiant on his trophy board.”

Chris saw a high-powered phaser blast from the Dragon hit the little fighter tailing the Defiant. It careened of course and rammed into an unshielded warship’s nacelle. This in turn caused the warship to careen into another one, causing both ship’s destruction.

“Wow, luck seems to be with us today,” Chris commented.

“The Furious is coming in,” Perkins reported.

Eric’s face appeared on Chris’s console. “Captain Harriman, looks like you could use some help,” Eric stated.

“You could say that,” Chris replied.

Eric smiled and said in a sarcastic voice, “Don’t worry, we’re here. Every thing’s going to be fine now.”

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