“I see,” Chris commented.

“I have a solution to your little dilemma,” Kailar stated. “To us, it is quite simple.”

Chris stared at the image on the main view screen at a large circular structure. It was almost as if it was a gate.

“We call it the Millennium Time Gate,” Kailar stated. “It can send a person or a ship any where, any time.”

That name reminded Chris of the Millennium Gate on Earth, but he dismissed it for now. “You’d be willing to let us use it,” Chris asked, hopeful.

“Of course,” Kailar replied. This lifted Chris’s spirits. “But we do have one restriction on its use.”

Chris looked at Kailar and asked, “That being?”

“A person, or group of persons, can only use it once. Whether they succeed in their mission, or what ever the case. Even if they end up back in this place and time, they can not use it again. So if you fail, you will be destroyed. If you should succeed, we should think that you will end up back here, none of the events, not even the forty warships, will have occurred. Time will be restored.”

“Well,” Chris said. “I think we need to discuss this a little further before we even go back to do this thing, but we’ll let you know.”

Kailar nodded and said, “I look forward to meeting you in person, Captain. Good day.” With that, Kailar disappeared.

“Did you notice how similar they are to Bajorans, though a little more peaceful,” Sarah asked.

Chris nodded and said, “Yes, I did.” That was exactly what Chris was thinking. How ever, he ignored it for now. “Senior officers report to the briefing room again.”

“Though I think we should, it does go against the prime directive, in a way,” Chris said to the senior officers. “We shouldn’t interfere with time.”

“But this is a unique situation,” Tom commented. “They traveled back in time to change time, so what we are trying to do is restore time.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Chris commented.

“I don’t know about the rest of you, but I say let’s do it,” Sarah said.

Every one in the briefing room nodded in agreement.

“But there’s one other thing,” Chris stated. “We have another opportunity here…we could also get home this way, and leave time the way it has been. It might be the only opportunity we have in a long time to get home.”

“I myself say we should do this thing,” Sarah stated. “We have a duty as Starfleet officers. We need to preserve the time line.”

“I agree,” the ship’s security and tactical officer, Lieutenant Ada Marquet, stated. “Plus I’ve been looking for a some what challenging battle.”

“Yes, let’s do this,” Tom put in.

“Any one object,” Chris asked.

“I think I speak for every one when I say,” began Ada, “Let’s kick some Jem Hadar but!”

Chris smiled at her somewhat cheesy response, but didn’t mind it, and actually encouraged her enthusiasm. “I know we haven’t known each other for very long, but so far we’ve performed very well,” Chris commented. “I know that we can do this. Dismissed.”

“So, I finally get to meet you,” Chris commented to Kailar as they walked through the control station of the Millennium Time Gate. The technology was amazing. “In person,” Chris finished.

Kailar smiled and said, “I’m sorry I eavesdropped on your meeting, but we tend to enjoy helping other people with their problems. Unfortunately, this can cause some major battles with other species, though we try to avoid conflict, we are fully prepared in case of an attack.”

“Well, with the technology I’ve seen so far,” Chris began, “Any one who tries to mess with this planet are in for some major punishment.”

“Actually, our weapons aren’t that advanced, except for a few,” Kailar said. “We do design weapons some times when others ask for them, and we do build some for ourselves, but we prefer not to design weaponry.”

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