“Actually, as real as it gets,” Chris stated. “I hate to bring such news to people, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to prevent all of this from happening.”

“Engineering to Bates,” some one said over the comm system.

The Furious’ chief engineer, Hannah Bates, tapped her comm badge and replied, “Go ahead.”

“We’ve completed all modifications.”

“Very well,” Hannah replied. “Bates out.”

“Bridge to Sanders, we are coming into range of the ships,” some one else interrupted.

“Very well,” Eric replied. “We’ll be on the bridge in a minute.”

“Captain, the first thing we need to do is delay those ships so that scout ship of yours can get some people to DS9,” Chris stated. “We can soften them up a bit, then head for that nebula, like you had done…or rather, would have done. With the upgrades we gave you, that shouldn’t be a problem…too much.”

“All right,” Eric stated. “Let’s do this!”

As Eric sat down in the command chair, he stared at the view screen, looking at the immense ship named the USS Dragon. It was even larger than the USS Paris!

“Captain Harriman and his crew are aboard the Dragon,” Darren stated.

“Very well,” Eric stated. “Battle stations.”

The alert klaxon sounded through out the bridge again, this time to inform the crew that battle would occur soon.

“Here goes nothing,” Eric stated.

Suddenly, the Dragon fired a quantum torpedo at the huge fleet of warships.

“Drop out of warp,” Eric ordered. “Fire at my command!”

USS Dragon

“The warships are dropping out of warp,” Ada stated.

“Go to full impulse,” Chris ordered.

After a moment, the ship shook as the warships began to fire.

“Shields are down to ninety eight percent,” Ada reported as more fire hit the Dragon.

“Fire all weapons,” Chris ordered. “Heading 221 mark 4, target the lead ship with a volley of torpedoes. Fire the other weapons at other ships, your choice, Lieutenant.”

Eight quantum torpedoes streaked away from the Dragon and pounded on the shields of the lead warship. Six pounded the shields, but the last two went through and struck the warship’s port nacelle, causing it to lose control for a minute.

“Fire a volley of photon torpedoes at it now,” Chris ordered.

“To late,” Ada stated. “The Furious already fired quantum torpedoes at it.”

On the view screen, four quantum torpedoes struck the lead warship, causing it to explode. The explosion immediately dissipated in the vacuum of space.

“Shields are already down to eighty two percent,” Ada suddenly yelled.

“Evasive maneuvers,” Chris yelled. “Pattern Sahara four, full impulse. Heading 121 mark 22!”

“Continue firing all weapons,” Sarah ordered.

“Target one ship at a time,” Chris ordered.

On the view screen, phaser fire from the Dragon began to pound the hull of another warship. Sixteen photon torpedoes fired from the Dragon and all lined up, hitting the warship in the exact same spot, weakening the shields. Then eight quantum torpedoes streaked away. The first two pounded the shields, but the rest broke through, hitting the warship and causing its destruction.

Suddenly Chris saw something on his console. “Helm, watch out for that small one!”

But it was to late. A smaller Jem Hadar ship hit the Dragon from underneath, which at first, seemed to cause gravity to increase, but then every one was thrown form their chairs and stations into the air. Finally the inertial dampeners brought the crew back to the ground.

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