Chris looked up in time to see the Dragon heading towards another ship. “All hands, brace for another impact!”

The Dragon then ricocheted off of the ship, the shields bouncing along the warship’s shields for a moment when the Dragon finally cleared the immense warship. Suddenly the science station exploded.

“Good thing we were all thrown from our stations,” Chris remarked to Tom.

Chris finally got back to the command chair and ordered, “Status.”

“Shields are down to nineteen percent,” Ada said in a loud voice. “We need to get out of here!”

“Sir, the Furious reports it also needs to run,” Perkins stated.

“Very well,” Chris stated. “Tell the Furious to run, we’ll cover her. As soon as she’s gone and we are cleared, engage the warp drive. Set a course for that nebula.”

“Continue firing all weapons,” Sarah added.

“Furious is already clear,” Perkins stated.

“Hurry it up, James,” Ada said. “Shields down to five percent and are about to collapse!”

“We’re clear,” Perkins stated.

The ship shook violently again. “Shields down!”

“Helm, warp nine point nine, engage,” Chris ordered.

On the view screen, the starfield turned into long streaks of stars passing by.

“We’re clear,” Perkins stated.

Chris slumped in his chair and sighed. “That was a close one,” he commented.

“No kidding,” Sarah replied.

“The warships are pursuing, but are having trouble keeping up with us,” Ada reported.

“Good,” Chris stated. “Try to keep them with us as long as you can. I’ll be in my ready room.”

Chris stood up, already exhausted after a long day. “Computer, time…not the time in this time period, but the ship’s time.”

The familiar voice stated, “The time is 15:00”

“Great,” Chris stated as he sat down in his chair behind his desk. He’d been going since four in the morning today, since this whole ordeal started.

“I need some relaxing music,” Chris stated. “Computer, play Moon Light Sonata.”

The relaxing music began, and it immediately settled his nerves. He sat back and closed his eyes. He began to doze off…

“Bridge to Captain Harriman,” some one said. Chris woke up with a start, and immediately tapped his combadge.

“Go ahead, bridge.”

“We’re nearing the nebula,” Sarah stated.

“I’m on my way,” Chris stated. He closed the channel and stood. “Computer, stop music,” he stated. The music, which was already almost finished, stopped. Chris entered the bridge.

“Drop out of warp,” Sarah said just as he came onto the bridge. “Full impulse.”

Chris took her place in the command chair and ordered, “Status report.”

Sarah sighed and began, “Well, shields are back up to twenty two percent and the warships are still pursuing, but have fallen behind by a light year.”

Chris felt his face turn to confusion as he asked, “And they are still pursuing? That’s odd.”

“Not any more,” Ada stated. “They’ve just broken off their pursuit and have set a course for Deep Space Nine.”

“We’ll go around them,” Chris stated. “Set a course parallel to theirs and engage at maximum warp. Tell the Furious to catch up to us at Deep Space Nine.”

“Setting course,” James stated.

“The Furious responds and says they’ll be right behind us,” Perkins stated.

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