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Star Trek Dragon: Future's Savior (preview)

For a year and six months, the Federation starship Dragon has been stranded in the Kalium Galaxy. The Vorkalai war has been over for six months, and the crew has been on shore leave since then. The Alliance has formed a new United Federation of Planets and has accepted a third member into this new UFP.

Repairs on the USS Dragon have finally finished and the crew returns home to start on a new journey, a true journey of hope. Their spirits renewed, the crew reinforced with Hintaru and Britar officers, the ship set's sail for the center of the galaxy, hoping to find a civilization that can provide them with the technology to reach home...

However, that soon changes. Not realizing the trouble the is getting the crew into, Captain Harriman makes a deal with an advanced alien civilization, a deal which could very well spell doom for the crew of the Dragon, who have worked so hard to make it so far...

Now, the crew has but one help. A close friend comes back in time from the future to save the Dragon...but have they come too late?

An exploding season premier, Future's Savior will demonstrate a level of character development never quite reached by any of the other episodes in STDragon, followed by one explosive battle! Even if this is your first time to Dragon, this episode will be THE reason to start reading!