Was it a sense of danger? No… Then what?! He had the feeling that something…something was about to happen. But he didn’t know what!

He looked around him and saw no one taking interest in him. That in itself was good, but it didn’t satisfy this feeling he had…

Someone seemed to catch his eye, however. A person who looked like he was the same species as Lall. There was nothing really special about him, but Chris felt that there was.

What the hell is wrong with me?!



"Captain, the shields on the moon just went up!" the security officer stated. "We’re within their field, though!"

"Several vessels are moving towards the opening!" Vendar stated. "I’m getting something…it’s the fleet! They’re here!"

Somewhat annoyed and worried, Sarah stood up in excitement. "Better late then never."



Ada checked her pulse rifle again, making sure it was working properly. They were going into the heart of the enemy’s territory, eight of them! She had to make sure everything was working properly!

"Bridge to Marquet," Sarah’s voice suddenly said. "The game is on, get down there and get our Captain back!"

"Aye, Captain!" She stated. "Take ready positions!"

She entered a battle stance on the transporter pad with her rifle raised slightly so that it remained in the transporter field. The security officers around her also did so, except two of the officers remained in the center as there was no room for them on the outside edge.

"Energize," she ordered.



A ringing started in Chris’s ear, and what could only be the sound of a transporter beam followed! Not sure if he was day dreaming or not, he deactivated his torch. However, before he could even begin to look around, shouts started ringing out, as well as what sounded like Ada’s voice giving orders.

As people around him started to panic in confusion, Chris spun around to see several Starfleet officers moving towards him! In elation, he dropped the torch and quickly moved to Ada’s side.

"Damn, I’m glad to see you, Lieutenant!" he said.

He was more surprised than anyone, however, when Ada embraced him in a quick hug. "Same here, Captain," she said as she started to look around. "We’re also looking for one other person, someone by the name of Rularn."

"I’m afraid I never met that person," Chris said, looking around. His eyes once again fell on that same person…

"I know you all must be afraid right now!" Ada spoke above the recently activated alarm sounds. "But every species here has their home world’s fleet above you know fighting to save you! Right now, however, we need a strategist by the name of Rularn to come with us! The rest of you will be rescued shortly!"

As Chris…somehow had expected, the person he had seen stepped forward. In quiet, wizened old voice, he said, "I am Rularn of the Ferain."

"All right," Ada said, smiling in triumph. She looked back to her security officers and said, "Half of you beam up to transporter room two with Rularn, the other half come with me and the Captain."

As the group began to divide, Chris asked, "Do I really want to know what you’ve been up to for the past few weeks?"

Ada looked at him with a wry smile on her face. "You’ll find out soon enough, sir."

A minute later, Rularn and his escort dematerialized.

"Ready?" Ada asked.

Chris was about to say yes…then he thought of something. "Hold on a minute," he said, looking around. He hoped she would come, she had to come! Though she would eventually be rescued, he didn’t want to leave Lall here. She deserved to be rescued along with him more than any one else here!

After a minute of tense waiting, he heaved a sigh of relief as she came running around the corner.

"Lall!" Chris shouted. "Over here, quickly!"

She paused briefly for a moment, looked at the people around Chris, then smiled and started up in a jog. When she finally reached them, Chris, no doubt to her surprise, decided to embrace her in a hug.

"You kept me alive," he said as they pulled away. "The least I can do is rescue you from this place."

"Thank you, Chris," she said.

Before he could tell Ada that he was ready, a sudden screech sliced through the air, making Chris’s teeth chatter. "What the hell?!" someone shouted.

"It’s the Rukarians!" Lall shouted, pointing up.

Sure enough, as Chris followed her finger, three Rukarians were diving down on them from above.

"Marquet to Dragon, prepare to beam all in our vicinity up!" Ada shouted, raising her pulse rifle. She fired off a shot, hitting one Rukarian straight in the chest…which didn’t even phase it!

"Everyone move!" She shouted, pushing Chris away and down to the ground. Just as his face hit the ground, a claw landed right in front of him, then took off again, leaving a deep gash in the rock!

"Set phasers to full power!" she ordered, getting up off of him.

As Chris stood up, he noticed a type-2 phaser in Ada’s belt. He snatched it from her, set it to full, and started to look for his first target.

He found one, and saw that Ada was pointing at it too. They both took aim, nodded at each other, and fired!

Chris’s constant phaser beam hit first, followed by a full volley of pulse blasts! It seemed to slow down the creature, but when Chris let off of the firing button, the creature still came!

At first, he thought it still lived! However, a moment later, his theory was proved wrong as the creature crashed to the ground and skid to a halt.

More screeches echoed through the caverns, and they all looked up to see at least twenty more Rukarians circling down on them!

Ada tapped her comm badge and shouted, "Marquet to Dragon, beam us all up, now!"

As one Rukarian came bearing down on Chris, he instinctively covered his face, only to find the comfort of a blinding white light. A moment later, they were all standing on the transporter pad, Lall included.

"Marquet to bridge, we’re all on!" she stated. "Go now!"



Sarah jumped out of her seat, anxious to get moving again! "Helm, get us to that shield generator, full impulse!"

"Aye, Captain," James replied. "Disengaging from geo-synchronous orbit and engaging impulse engines."

The sound of a turbolift door made her quickly glance over to the turbolift, but to her dismay, it was only Rularn.

"The fleet has almost reached the planet," Vendar reported. "They’ll be here in less than thirty seconds!"

Standing between the helm and Ops station, as Chris had often done, Sarah watched intently on the view screen as the shield generator on the moon’s surface quickly came into view.

She was so intent on that shield generator that she didn’t even notice when the turbolift doors opened for a second time.

"We’re approaching the generator," James reported.

"All stop," she ordered. "Prepare to disengage cloak and fire a full spread of photon and quantum torpedoes!"

"Ready to disengage cloak," Ada’s voice replied.

That’s when Sarah knew he was on the bridge. She spun around, only to find herself face to face with him. "Chris!!" she shouted in elation, emotions welling up in her stomach. She quickly embraced him in a tight hug, pressing her body as close to his as she could manage!

"Helm has answered all stop," James reported.

She quickly tore away from him and said, "I hope you don’t mind, but we’re kind of busy right now."

He smiled and motioned to her spot at the command chair. "Hey, this is your mission. By all means."

She smiled at him, then quickly sat down. To her comforting knowledge, Chris sat down in the first officer’s chair to her right. Damn this feels weird.

"Disengage cloak and fire!" she ordered, her pulse racing.

The viewscreen seemed to flicker for a moment as the green lights suddenly deactivated around the bridge. A moment later, as the viewscreen realigned, photon and quantum torpedoes were already streaking away. They impacted hard against the shield generator, no force fields or shield of any kind protecting it from an inside assault.

Explosions ripped through space, but not your usual explosions. They were of a blue color, more energy based than oxygen based.

"Full impulse, get us out of here!" she ordered.

"The shield’s aren’t fully down yet!" Ada reported in alarm.

Sarah paused for a moment, terror momentarily flickering through her. Then, she ordered, "Take us past the generator and fire full spreads of aft torpedoes!"

As the Dragon moved past the heavily damaged generator, the view screen kept an eye on it. A moment later, once again, photon and quantum torpedoes ripped through the generator. This time, the explosions didn’t stop, and the generator quickly tore itself apart!

"A feedback pulse just went through the entire Rukarian shield system," Vendar reported. "Their shields are down."

"Then get us the hell out of this battle!" Sarah ordered. "Full impulse!"

The Dragon quickly pulled up from running along the surface in a straight ascent away from the planet. On the screen, a huge fleet of warships was battling several Rukarian ships, but they were also making their way, quickly, towards the planet.

"Evasive maneuvers, James," Sarah said slowly as they entered the field of battle. "We don’t want to…"

Suddenly, the ship lurched to port sending almost everyone reeling to the ground. A few light fixtures erupted in flames and sparks as the bridge seemed to dim even further.

"Shields down, eighteen percent!" Ada shouted above the explosions.

Sarah looked over to Chris, hoping they hadn’t rescued him only for him to later be killed. To her relief, he was just standing up.

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