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Star Trek Dragon: "What We Leave Behind"

In a distant galaxy, one species was bent on the destruction of everything. Thinking themselves superior to everything in every way, they conquered billions of people, hundreds ot star systems, entire governments in the blink of an eye! Nothing was capable of stopping them!

Then, one starship from the Milky Way was stranded in that galaxy. Having no choice, that starship raised up a resistance that the enemy could not conquer. A year of bloody hell followed, but the new Alliance succeeded!

Now, almost a year after that hell ended, one ship remains of this conquering species. One ship so powerful, it can take on entire fleets of starships and come out unscathed. Only this time, there is no conquering, there is no growing...there is only revenge.

Now, one ship must risk everything to defend itself and the galaxy from this terrifying ship. Only this time, one person must make the ultimate sacrifice if the others are to survive.

Prepare for the ultimate sacrifice!