A moment later, the Dragon was quickly moving away from the deformed Borg cube.

"The second volley is on its way!" Vendar stated triumphantly. "I’m reading massive damage to all systems on the Borg cube!"

As soon as she said that, and the explosions from the first volley ceased, the Cube suddenly turned its orientation and began to quickly move away.

"Wait a minute…it’s retreating back to the temporal anomaly!" she added in surprise.

Chris heaved a huge sigh of relief and let himself fall back into his chair. He slumped there as the cube accelerated towards the blue anomaly, already moving faster than the warhead weapons. A minute later, it was gone, whisked away to the future once again…

He closed his eyes in silent triumph as the bridge erupted into triumphant shouts of glee. They had done it…the enemy had been, at least temporarily, thwarted from its mission. They had fought for their future…and they had won…

For now…they could celebrate and relax…



Captain’s Log, supplemental

With the defeat of the Borg cube, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo has agreed to bring us to their core planet for repairs, as well as a little R&R… She, however, needed to complete a mission we had interrupted, and so could not join us. However, Jedi Knight Kyle and Jedi Master Luke have joined us…



Chris watched with amazement as the Dragon established orbit.

"It’s called the Gem of the galaxy, the core of the galaxy," Kyle stated. "Coruscant…those who hold it, rule the galaxy."

"The entire planet is one giant city?!" Chris asked in amazement as they approached the light side of the planet. The dark side, which on any other planet was pitch black, was lit up like a Christmas tree with orange lights all across it in different patterns.

"That’s right," he stated, seemingly amused with their awe. "No one even knows for sure when the last natural setting was destroyed or covered with cityscape…all we know is that it’s existed for a very long time…"


"We’re approaching the designated orbital platform," James reported, trying to concentrate on his duty and not the planet.

"Take us in," Chris replied, still in awe. "This…should be interesting…"



It was absolutely amazing on top of the Imperial Palace. It was easily the tallest building anywhere on Coruscant, giving both Chris and Luke a great view of the setting sun. The atmosphere distorted the sun, turning it orange and making it appear absolutely enormous on the horizon.

He leaned against the cement ‘guard rail’ and looked down over the edge of the building. He couldn’t see very far past the top of the buildings, though, since the sun was so low and was being blocked by the tall buildings.

However, the beauty of the cityscape quickly altered his thoughts. If only Sarah were here to see this… His thoughts dwindled on Sarah again. A great weight fell onto his heart, giving him the feeling that it had been completely ripped out of his chest.

He hung his head even lower as images of her started to force their way into his mind. Her smiles…her frowns…her tears… All of those images were fresh in his memory, eternally burned there by the loss he felt…

Suddenly, he noticed that Luke was standing next to him, staring at him. "What’s bothering you?" he asked sympathetically. "I haven’t encountered someone as depressed as you are in…a while…"

He looked at him for a long moment, then looked back out at the setting sun. Thankfully, it was low enough to where the atmosphere filtered out the brightness…allowing him to stare right into the visible part.

"About…three months ago," he said, guessing at the date, "we encountered a very dangerous vessel, one that belonged to an old enemy of ours. We had to invade the vessel to destroy it…but my first officer…my wife, my one true love, was killed."

He suddenly saw a very pained look on Luke’s face as he, too, began to stare out at the sun. He nodded slowly as he seemed to consider a thought. "Believe it or not…I can at least somewhat associate with what you are feeling."

Chris looked at him curiously. "How so?"

Luke sighed and closed his eyes, shaking his head for a moment. Finally, after a long pause, he opened them again and looked at Chris.

"About three years ago, I met…and fell in love with someone," he began. "She was a very strong Jedi…but she did not have a body. The Empire had taken her…her ‘spirit,’ if you will, and placed it in the computer of a very powerful weapon, essentially giving it life. I fell in love with her mind…it had nothing to do with any physical features.

"She then entered the body of one of my friends and came to live again. However, she had lost her ability in the Force all together. For the next year or so, we concentrated on trying to bring her ability back, but we failed…and she left.

"About a year ago…I met her one last time…where we permanently went our separate ways."

Knowing all too well just how Luke was feeling, Chris simply nodded and looked back out at the sunset. "I understand…"

"Good," he said, looking to Chris. "Then you can understand this. Do you really think your true love wanted you to go on living your life mulling over her death?"

The question hit Chris like a Tricobalt device… It was something he had never considered before…

"Probably not," Luke continued. "She would instead want you to live your life to the fullest…she would want you to go on living, if only because you have an opportunity to do so. She wouldn’t want you to throw it away…"

Chris closed his eyes as he took everything Luke said into consideration. He opened his mouth to reply…but then stopped, unable to find the words. Instead, he closed his mouth and simply nodded.

He looked at Luke. "Thank you…"

Before Luke could get in a word, Chris’s comm badge suddenly beeped. "Bridge to Captain Harriman. Essential repairs have been completed."

He tapped his comm badge and replied, "Acknowledged. Has everyone else beamed aboard?"

"Everyone except you and Lieutenant Commander Perkins…but our sensors indicate that she is en route to your location."

Chris smiled and nodded, even though the officer couldn’t see him. "Acknowledged. Prepare for my signal to beam out. Harriman out."

As soon as he said that, the door leading to the roof opened to allow Vendar and Kyle onto the roof. They spotted Luke and Chris and quickly made their way over.

"Captain," she immediately said. "We need to talk."

Chris frowned and nodded his head. "I’m listening."

She looked at Kyle, who smiled at her before looking at Chris. "Actually, it’s very quite simple…I must ask that I accompany your ship back to your time."

Chris stared at him for a moment, not quite sure that he had just heard correctly. After a moment of stuttering, however, he managed, "Uh, we can’t allow that. We can’t allow any disruption of the time line."

He shook his head quickly and replied, "I honestly can’t say that I know much about that…but I do know that my joining your ship is the will of the Force. The Force wishes for me to go with you, for reasons unknown even to me."

Chris heaved a large sigh as he considered this fact. He had learned in the past few hours to trust the Force and the Jedi’s ‘instinct’…and that fact weighed heavily on him.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Luke asked.

Kyle quickly nodded. "Yes…it’s not just something the Force is willing me to do…but it’s something I’d like to do."

Chris closed his eyes and shook his head…

"All right," he said, regretting each word. "One more court martial charge won’t make much of a difference on me any way."

Kyle didn’t even smile, he simply nodded, as if knowing what the outcome was going to be ahead of time.

Chris, however, smiled and turned to Luke. "It’s been a pleasure, Master Skywalker," he said, shaking his hand.

"Likewise," Luke replied. "I hope you make it home…"

"Thanks…and thank you for all of your help." Luke smiled and nodded, then stood back, allowing the three to stand closely together and not worry about getting Luke caught in the beam.

"Harriman to Dragon…three to beam up."

As the transporter beam engaged, Luke gave him a quick salute and a smile…and then he was gone…



He moved to the sink, turned the water on, and splashed his face and hair, getting his clothes wet. He looked hard in the mirror and began moving his hand over his freshly cut hair. During his three months of seclusion, he had let his hair grow out…something he hadn’t done since he was a child.

He then realized something…he looked hard into the mirror, thinking something about the entire picture was wrong. Was something…missing?

Then he realized just what he noticed different. He smiled as the realization hit him, and he knew he owed it all to Luke…

He nodded to his reflection in the mirror and said, "I promise you…I’ll go on living…and I’ll live a life you can be proud of…"

He kissed his index and middle finger, then placed those fingers on the mirror where Sarah’s reflection usually would have been.

With that, he moved back into the living room…ready to start his life again…ready to live again…

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