Welcome to the Gateway page for Star Trek Dragon's Scylla and Charybdis This episode does not have images in it...yet. I'm still building the enemy vessel you read about in this episode, so I'd like to finish it before I make images for this episode. Any way, as usual, there are two formats, .htm and .zip. If you don't know the procedure by now...oh well!

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Star Trek Dragon: Scylla and Charybdis

A violent species with greatly advanced technology...some say they are older than the stars themselves. They have one goal: the destruction of all human life in the universe. Almost a year and a half ago, they nearly destroyed the Dragon...now, the Kiklar are as big a threat as ever...

The crew finds themselves in a tight fix as they realize that all this time...they were setting a course directly for the Kiklar's space. The center of the galaxy and surrounding space is their home...and one ship, simply a scout ship, greets the Dragon with weapons ablaze.

Only a bold move on the Captain's part can save the crew now...but will that move ultimately be the destruction of the Dragon? Will the past three years of struggle have been for nothing?

One crew must brave the odds...one ship will be relentless...and one crew member must make the decision of her life...