Welcome to the gateway page for Star Trek Dragon's Season 3 finale, "Lonesome Road"! This episode does contain images...seven, to be exact, so I recomend reading the .htm version of this episode! This ends STDragon with a bang...and I hope you enjoy! You, of course, know the drill by now, heh.

Lonesome Road.htm

Lonesome Road.zip

Star Trek Dragon: "Lonsome Road"

After both Vendar and Kyle recieve very disturbing visions from the future, the Dragon suddenly enounters the Kiklar yet again. However, a mysterious ship decloaks. Impervious to the Kiklar weaponry, it immediatly makes short work of the Kiklar. The next moment, the crew discovers that the inhabitants of this ship, indeed this sector of the galaxy...are human!

Through these humans, the millennia-long history of the galaxy is revealed...and the purpose for Kyle's trek into the future is also revealed. With Vendar's training barely started, he is forced to leave the crew.

On the bright side of things...these humans possess the technology to send the Dragon home! The crew says its goodbyes to both Kyle and the humans of the Kalium galaxy, and must set a course for the original coordinates they arrived at.

However, along the way, an old nemisis shows up. Chris must use all of his inginuity to keep the Dragon in one piece...but can he? Will the Dragon make it home, or will its hopes yet again be smashed? Will the crew ever see Earth again, or will they forever be doomed to remain in the Kalium galaxy?

An exploding Season finale full of character and action, the very course of STDragon will change with this episode. Three years of adventure, hope, sadness, and love boils down to just this one episode...this one adventure that the crew must endure...but will it be their last?