"Federation vessel’s power levels are increasing. Object identified as an isolitic subspace weapon, high yield. Disable vessel."

Suddenly, the Dragon was gone in a bright flash. The subspace interference was high in the area. "Bring cube into subspace interference and engage maximum warp."

Too late. The isolitic weapon detonated. The tear began forming immediately…and it was moving…moving towards the Borg cube. They were too close to do anything about it…It impacted on the cube, throwing the drone to the ground. A moment later…nothing…



"Warp engines are off line," James stated. "The warp field is powering itself…and we’re on course for our galaxy!"

The bridge erupted in cheers. The Borg were destroyed, and they were on their way home. It wouldn’t be long now…it wouldn’t be long before they could all visit home once again…

Chris looked at the image of the Kalium Galaxy, quickly moving away. Good bye…Sarah…



Captain’s Log

We are approaching our galaxy…it won’t be long now. I’ve waited for this for a long time…three years. It seems like it’s been longer than three years. A year of the Vorkalai war, a year and a half of exploration…

And now…its time to go home.



The bridge was engulfed in absolute silence. No one spoke, almost no one moved. They stared at their screens blankly, waiting, watching… Everything came down to this one moment. He was waiting to hear what he needed to hear…were they going to make it home? Or would they end up someplace else?

Chris’s palms were sweating as they grasped onto the armrest. Normally, he wouldn’t be so nervous…but normally, he would have Sarah at his side showing just how nervous she was. Somehow…they always seemed to put each other at ease.

The view screen was blank. No stars, nothing. Even if they passed by any galaxies, they would be moving too fast to see them, unless they were almost on top of one. They might be able to see their galaxy before they reached it…

Suddenly, the ship shook for a moment, but ever so slightly.

"We just passed through some sort of energy barrier," Vendar stated. "I think it was the Great Barrier!"

"We’re slowing down," James stated. The tension on the bridge jumped up ten levels. "Looks like we are right on schedule…and if we are, well…"

"Three," Vendar started. "Two…one…"

An infinite amount of streaks appeared, long and never ending. Then they started to come to ends and passed by…and then there was nothing but the vast ocean of stars.

No one spoke, not even to confirm their position. They stared at the star field, possibly one they hadn’t seen in three years. That’s when it hit Chris…was this the right starfield?

"What’s our position?" he asked quietly, almost at a whisper so as not to break the silence on the bridge.

Vendar started keying in commands, then waited patiently. So did everyone else…

Finally, the computer beeped. She brought up a read out…then looked up at the view screen. He couldn’t see her face…so he didn’t know what she was doing…until she turned around. First, tears were forming in her eyes, then a huge smile appeared on her face. "We’re home! Right where we left!!"

With that, the bridge erupted in cheers. Chris jumped up out of his chair and threw his fist into the air, a triumphant yell coming from seemingly everywhere and not just with in him. They were home…home…

Suddenly, another sensor alarm sounded on Vendar’s panel. She wiped the tears of joy from her eyes and sat back down. She brought up the reading…then looked back at Chris in horror.

"Captain!" That was enough to get everyone on the bridge to be quiet. They all looked at her, puzzled by what could be bothering her.

Chris knew already as the memory of her description of her vision came to mind. "Sir…I’m reading several starships in a long line leading from the edge of Federation space towards Earth…all of them severely damaged or destroyed."

Everyone quickly moved to their stations and started working. "Red alert," Chris ordered. "All hands to battle stations."

"We’re being hailed," Vendar said hesitantly. "By…the Enterprise! She’s one of the disabled ships!"

Chris smiled, despite the situation, and stood up. "Let’s see it…"

At first, the Federation emblem was displayed…followed by the familiar face of Captain Picard. He had a rather nasty looking cut on his forehead, and the bridge behind him was utter chaos.

He smiled, which seemed to hurt his face. "Captain Harriman. Are you a sight for sore eyes."

"It’s good to see you too, sir," Chris said, his smile widening. Then a console exploded behind Picard, bringing Chris back to reality. "What’s going on?" he asked, frowning.

"We’ve had a little visit from the Borg," Picard said with a wry look on his face. "Seems they were rather…angered by Voyager’s method of returning home."

Chris’s eyes went wide. "Voyager is home?"

Picard nodded. "Yes, and they brought new technology…unfortunately, something seems to be wrong with Voyager, and they can’t get it into the battle."

Chris nodded his head. "We’ve brought back some technology of our own…we’ll defeat the Borg before they can do any real harm."

Picard looked around his bridge for a moment and shook his head. "Too late for that. A regular cube and some new Tactical cube, which Seven describes as a Class Four tactical cube, are already halfway through the Sol system."

Chris nodded, determination crossing his face. They couldn’t use an isolitic weapon that close to Earth…but they certainly would help. "Understood, Dragon out."

He sat back down in his chair when the starfield replaced Captain Picard’s face. He sat there staring at the deck for a moment, contemplating everything. The Borg…yet again. Seems like fate.

"Helm, set a course to intercept the Borg, maximum warp," he finally ordered. "Drop us out of warp outside of their weapons range. Once that’s done, launch all fighters. Set everything on a rotating modulation."

Everyone set to work again. The stars twisted for a moment, then elongated into rainbow colored streaks. A moment later, they became pinpricks. "Bladerunner fighters…are launching," Tom reported.

"Show the battle on screen."

1280x960The starfield seemed to magnify. To starboard was a standard Borg cube…and to port was the heavily armored tactical cube. Looks like the Borg have finally gained some intelligence…takes more than one cube to assimilate us…

…And that’s what worries me.

Several Federation, Romulan, and Klingon vessels were flying around, constantly firing and being hit by Borg weaponry. The Paris flew between the two, firing its advanced phasers into the heart of the Borg…but still not doing all that much damage.

"Fighters launched," Tom reported.

"Then full impulse," Chris ordered, determination returning. "Get us in there, fire full spreads of torpedoes once in range, and then add phaser fire to it as soon as you can. Hold off on the cannons for now."

"Engaging full impulse," James stated.

"Firing first volley," Ada added.

Eight Quantum torpedoes, followed by sixteen photon torpedoes streaked away from the Dragon, half hitting the regular cube, the other half impacting on open parts of the tactical cube.

Suddenly, the tactical cube fired four torpedoes at the Dragon, but only three hit…but it was enough to rock everyone in their chairs. "Target both cube’s weapons, and let’s take them out."

Phaser fire began add to the mayhem…but by now, the Bladerunners had grouped up and were streaking at nearly the speed of light past the Dragon. Their pulse blasts and mini-Quantum torpedoes were all impacting on various parts of the Borg…causing even more damage.

"Evasive pattern delta seven," Chris ordered. "Take us between the cubes, and then everything will be at your discretion. Let’s try to take some of the heat off of the rest of the fleet."

"Umm, sir…we haven’t fully repaired our shields since our encounter in the Kalium galaxy," Ada stated. "Right now, we’re sitting at fifty two percent. We can’t really afford to take the heat off."

Phaser blasts, tractor beams, and a single torpedo impacted on the Dragon, almost throwing Chris out of his chair. "Too late for that!"

The Dragon finally reached between the two cubes and was firing phasers at both cubes. They fired back…but they had fighters and other starships to worry about.800x600

A moment later, the Dragon was on the other side and flew over the bow of an Intrepid class vessel.

"Vendar, begin scanning the interior of the regular cube," Chris ordered. "See if you can find something we can hit with our cutting phasers to destroy it."

"Aye, sir," she replied.



"The field coils have been fried," B’Lanna Torres stated, angry. Her and Tom had just barely, finally moved into their temporary apartment on Earth when they got a call saying that the Borg were attacking. So, they had to leave their baby with a strange person…a baby sitter. "No one bothered to replace them after we got back! That was almost a month ago, too!"

Captain Katherine Janeway shook her head. "How long to replace those?" she asked, impatient with the whole situation.

"At least another two hours, but that’s about all we have left to do," she replied, her back beginning to hurt for the first time since they got back.

"Janeway to bridge, how long until the Borg reach Earth?"

After a pause, Chakotay’s familiar voice replied, "About twenty minutes. But, believe it or not, the USS Dragon just made an entrance."

Torres looked at Janeway with a look of surprise. "Keep me informed of any progress with the Borg, Janeway out."

She then looked to Torres. "Any chance we can get under way in the next twenty minutes?"

Torres stared at her blankly for a minute, then jogged over to a panel. There was no definite answer…so she just left it at that…

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