Sarah Caft

Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer
Place of Birth: Betazed
Species: Half Betazoid, Half Human
Age: 31

General Information

Commander Sarah Caft is proving to be quite an asset to the Dragon. It is the first ship she has served on as first officer, but despite that fact, she has acted as any good first officer should. Furthermore, for the few weeks that Captain Harriman was on a black ops mission, she commanded the Dragon well, and brought it through two very difficult encounters.

Medical Information

"Sarah has a very resistant immune system to any virus. During the Devil's Virus ordeal, I had found that she had a very large concentration of the virus inside of her. Despite that fact, her body was somehow fighting the virus itself. This gave the necessary time to treat her before she began to mutate, which not only saved her, but probably saved all of us. This is not the first time in her medical history in which she has shown to have a very resistant immune system. A few years back, she had contracted a virus with which there was no cure, and even today, there is no cure. Somehow, her body destroyred the virus. The only explenation I can even hazard to guess would be that her DNA is somewhat different from the rest of human or Betazoid DNA..."

~Commander Kara Trieal, USS Dragon, Cheif Medical Officer

Psychological Information

"As of late, I've become very aware of a certain personal problem with Commander Caft. Though I am not at liberty to give specifics, I can note in this log that it involves her telepathic abilities. Other than that, I'd say she's come through the past year and a half with out sustaining too much psychological damage. She's performed extremely well under the circumstances, and should be commended."

~Lieutenant Terry Latrael,USS Dragon, Ship's Counselor

Captain's Note

"From the moment she stepped on board, I have not regretted making Sarah my First Officer. Though I admit I had originally requested her as first officer for personal reasons, she had performed above even my expectations of a First Officer. She is, indeed, a valuable asset to this crew."

~Captain Chris Harriman, USS Dragon, Commanding Officer