Thomas Halkrat

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Science Officer/Second Officer
Place of Birth: Star Base Earheart
Species: Human
Age: 28

General Information:

Lieutenant Commander Thomas Halkrat was born on Starbase Earhart, and is somewhat proud that he was. He sometimes brags that he was born in a place named after a great pioneer. Other than that, however, he is mostly modest, and peaceful. He is very shy, and finds it very difficult to talk to people, especially women. Despite that fact, however, he performs on the bridge as well as any other officer does.

Medical Information

"Tom has an unremarkable medical history. He was close to mutating in the Devil's Virus ordeal, but we induced the pre-mutagenic treatment before he could begin changing. Other than that, he has had no real medical problems."

~Commander Kara Trieal, USS Dragon, Cheif Medical Officer

Psychological Information

"Tom is not, by far, an outgoing person. He's very shy, even when talking to me. His relationship with Commander Tarkent has helped him out a little, but he still finds it difficult to talk to others when not on duty. It doesn't interfere with his ability to do his job, but I'm afraid that his inability to make friends off of the bridge may later come back to haunt him..."

~Lieutenant Terry Latrael, USS Dragon, Ship's Counselor

Captain's Note

"I had served along side of Tom when I was helmsman aboard the Enterprise E. That is primarily the reason I chose him, for he performed as well as any other Enterprise officer during our time there. As anyone knows, that is a great sign of how good an officer he really is. He's helped this ship out tremendously ever since its first day in space, and our little hop through the dimensions. I definitely do not regret bringing him into the Dragon family."

~Captain Chris Harriman, USS Dragon, Commanding Officer