James Trikal

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Helmsman
Place of Birth: Lake Amrstrong, Luna
Species: Half Betazoid, Half Human
Age: 26

General Information

Lieutenant Trikal was a brilliant pilot from the start. From day one in the academy, no one could touch him. In fact, only two people in Starfleet are considered his rivals for the position of best pilot: Captain Harriman and Tom Paris. He's also very familiar with astrometrics, which adds to his piloting ability.

Medical Information

"James really has an unremarkable medical history. He often comes in after a battle with shards from the helm in his chest or face, but so far nothing major has really happened to him."

Commander Kara Trieal, USS Dragon, Cheif Medical Officer

Psychological Information

"James Trikal... I remember Captain Harriman once telling me about humans from the past. In the late twentieth century, for instance. Pilots then, no matter what they flew, were often viewed as arrogant and self concieted. Though there were actually several who weren't, it simply was an image that a few had placed before the public. Now, centuries later, here we have another pilot who fits the descriptions of those pilots of the past. He doesn't care so much about his image...instead, he only cares that people consider him as the best pilot around. He once challenged Captain Harriman to a dog fight...and lost. I saw him several times in my office the following couple of weeks..."

Lieutenant Terry Latreal, USS Dragon, Ship's Counselor

Captain's Note

"Though he's not nearly as arrogant as his friend who recommended him to me at the Academy, he definitely carries an air of arrogance about him...though only that he knows he's one of the best pilots. Thankfully, he's not the type who thinks he's the best person in the entire universe. His piloting skills are amazing, and I'm genuinly surprised that I beat him in our little dogfight. If I had to choose between him and Tom Paris right now, I'd take him. Their skills are at least equal, and I've grown attatched to James. Besides, he did challenge me to a remach, and I intend to face the challenge head on!"

Captain Chris Harriman, USS Dragon, Commanding Officer