Kalia Tarkent

Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Engineer
Place of Birth: Wisconsin, Earth
Species: Human
Age: 35


General Information

Throughout her career, Commander Kalia Tarkent has proven to be a very, very able engineer. Her entire life was based around Warp and general propulsion technology. Many from the R&D Department have definitely noticed her skills, and on one occasion, asked her to joing the Department. She declined the offer in favor of working aboard the Dragon, which at the time was a unique vessel, considering it had three warp cores and was state-of-the-art.

Medical Information

"Kalia really hasn't had a remarkable medical history at all. She has a normal immune system, a normal genetic make up... It almost makes me wonder what she's doing aboard this ship of medical wonders! The only notable medical information is that she once endured severe theta radiation poisoning early in her career. She barely survived, and suffered only slight memory loss."

~Commander Kara Trieal, USS Dragon, Chief Medical Officer

Psychological Information

"Commander Tarkent is someone I have rarely seen in my office. In fact, when recalling all such occurences...I can only come up with one. She is very stable emotionally. The biggest thing that is constantly in her mind is fear of becoming poisoned with theta radiation again. She fears that she'll lose all of her memory next time, and hence she would lose everything else as well."

~Lieutenant Terry Latrael, USS Dragon, Ship's Counselor

Captain's Note

"I once met Kalia at Starfleet Academy. When I was just entering, she was just graduating. Her ability in engineering severely impressed me. After I had chosen her for Chief Engineer, I had met with her to discuss the Dragon before its launch, and that was when I was positive she was the right person for the job. Now, after a year and a half, I know all too well that the Dragon will not go down easy with her in engineering."

~Captain Chris Harriman, USS Dragon, Commanding Officer

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