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USS Dragon NCC-27749-A
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General USS Dragon History:

Odd as it may seem, history doesn't recall many vessels named the Dragon. The only official ships named Dragon are the two starfleet vessels.

Obviously, the ship is named after a majestic legendary creature, who's existence was never officially confirmed nor denied.* This could have been meant to strike fear into an enemy's heart. The Dragons were known as powerful beings who could easily hold their own in a battle. They were always mystic creatures, never truly 'seen'*. A force to be feared, yet a force that is never quite seen. It strikes fast and brutally, making a killing blow on the first run.

USS Dragon NCC-27749
The USS Dragon was commissioned four years after the Enterprise-D was. It originally had two standard warp nacelles, as with any galaxy class starship. However, after a battle with two renegade Romulan Warbirds, it was heavily damaged. Despite the fact that it disabled the two Warbirds, it was so heavily damaged that it was towed back to Utopia Planitia, where it underwent extensive repairs and upgrades. Part of that upgrade was an experiment where two nacelles were added directly below the original two, obviously changing the ship's dimensions.

Half of a year after the Enterprise-D was destroyed, the Dragon was decommissioned. Despite it's upgrades, it was sent to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone on a semi-permanent basis. It remained as border patrol even during the Domion war. It was called to the Wolf 359** system one time to help take out a small group of Jem Hadar cruisers, along with the help of a Sovereign class starship. They succeeded in destroying 8 of the warships, causing the others to run. However, the Sovereign class starship was destroyed.

The Dragon remained on border patrol until about six months prior to the battle of Betazed. (note: to those who have read past Time Test, read the note in black below. IE: you have to highlight it in order to read it. Don't read it unless you wish for the story line to be spoiled.) The Dragon then was destroyed by two more renegade Romulan Warbirds. Its saucer was successful in crash landing on an M-class planet in the Neutral Zone, but the Captain was killed.

USS Dragon NCC-27749-A
The Dragon-A was originally going to be named the USS Sentinel, as the project name was The Sentinel Project. This basically meant that the ship the project would produce would be totally self sufficient, able to stay in space, even in battle, for 10 years. With the destruction of the original Dragon, the project was re-named the Dragon Project. This was in honor due to the break up of the small force that formed at Wolf 359. Had the Dragon not finished the job, the cruisers would have been in position to strike at Earth, as well as several other Federation outposts.

After much redesigning, the ship began to be constructed 4 years before the first Sovereign vessel, in 2355. Because of the amount of design changes as well as the size of the ship, it was one of the longest construction projects in Starfleet's history.

The Dragon project had been kept a top priority secret. Despite the peace with both the Klingons, which had just arrived when the ship was first conceived of, and little from the Romulans, if any thing at all, the project was meant to create a warship. When the Federation Council discovered this, it immediately disapproved. So the design specs were thrown out the air lock (figure of speech) and designs for a self sufficient exploration vessel that was well armed began to be drawn.

The first stage of construction was building the construction facility, the Delta Construction Facility. It was a facility made to handle this project alone. After it was finished, it was sent into a very low orbit, synchronous to Earth's, around the Terran Sun. This was to hide it from any enemy vessels that might somehow make it into the Terran system. No communications were ever sent out, only received, and those were the many design changes.

Finally, the facility came out of its orbit (quite unexpectedly.) The technicians aboard stated that the first prototype ship, the USS Dragon-A, was completed. A crew was sent to the ship for a test flight, which actually proved to be a flawless one. The Facility technicians stated that this was due to the fact that they didn't come out of their orbit until everything was perfect. Only 4 months after the test flight was a crew finally put on it, the crew you can find in the crew roster.

During the Dragon's maiden voyage, it traveled to three different dimensions, encountered the Borg and helped save Voyager...and then was stranded in the Kalium Galaxy. Although only a month transpired in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Dragon and crew experienced three years. During its three years of service, the Dragon encountered many new species, helped liberate an entire quadrant from an oppressive species, and has started to uncover some very interesting puzzles, among many other things. In essence, its service was honorable.

Almost precisely one month after the starship Voyager returned home, the Dragon returned home to find two Borg vessels, identified as one class 3 cube and one class 4 tactical cube, approaching Earth. The Dragon and its compliment of fighters were instrumental in saving Earth from the Borg. Sadly, however, it was destroyed...and all records of its three year mission in the Kalium galaxy were lost.

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*Dragons are often thought as evil creatures, against all of humanity. It was often said that they would kill any humans they saw! This is completely untrue. If any person with an open mind traces some old literature with Dragons, whether it be Japanese, Chinese, or British, you will find that they weren't evil creatures, or rather, not all of them. Just a few were evil.

**Astronomical fact: Wolf 359 is a Red Dwarf star approximately 7.6 Light years from Earth and is part of the Constellation Leo.

***The Terran sun is often said to be a yellow main sequence star, but in other texts the star is known to be a white main sequence star. This might hold true, since our atmosphere blocks some of the light out (hence our blue atmosphere) making the sun appear yellow on the surface of Earth. Which ever of the two is correct is unknown to the author of STDragon, but the author simply assumes that it is a white main sequence star. It is approximately 93 million miles from Earth.

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