"A Long Time Ago..."
Commentary by Jon Wasik

Before you proceed any further into this document, it is essential that you have read up to the episode "A Long Time Ago..." before you read this. If you don't...well, let's just say not only will three episodes be majorly spoiled, but three seasons of building will be completely toppled.

What was so special about this episode? At first, one may say that it's one of the few crossovers between Star Trek and Star Wars...and probably the only one, that I've encountered any way, that made any sense. However...there is much more to this episode than that.

As one could tell, I've gone to great length to develop Chris and Sarah throughout all of Star Trek Dragon. They've always been key characters in STDragon, and obviously the most developed. Then, in episode 26, "What We Leave Behind," one of those characters, Sarah, died...eternally effecting the other. After I posted both episode 26 and 27, "To Have Loved and Lost," I've actually received feedback from people! All who have talked to me say that they were saddened when Sarah died, and that they felt for Chris, felt for his pain. Some even said they, themselves, felt what Chris was feeling! I ask you all this question: if I had not developed Sarah and Chris's characters like I have to this point...would these last three episodes have been as emotional as they were? Would people be sad if Sarah died, or would they have just said, "Well, he killed off the First Officer...that's a first for Trek!" And if people would not have 'known' Chris as well as they did, they probably would have said, "This guy is dwelling over her death! Get over it already, get on with the series!" Instead...I got the response I was hoping to get.

In this aspect, this episode was important in two ways. First of all, with time and a little pushing on Luke Skywalker's part, Chris has finally moved on as he realizes that living his life is the only true way to honor Sarah. This has effectively put an end to a trilogy based around Sarah's death...and has ended Chris's depression.

However, more importantly...this has ended a major, nearly three-season long chapter in Star Trek Dragon. The development of Chris and Sarah that has dominated Star Trek Dragon is now going to wind down to make way for other characters. For instance, have I developed the characters of Doctor Kara Trieal or Lt. Commander Charley McKariant? Not much at all. The time is coming to develop them. For instance, I'm planning on developing Vendar and Kara's characters in the next episode, with Chris only there to command the ship through another difficult situation. However, I'll leave that to when I actually write it, and then post it here.

OK, so this episode also did make history in a way...I have yet to read a good fan fiction that takes Star Trek and Star Wars and puts them together. Either the writing style stinks (I know how that can be...just look at my first season!) or the story was completely unrealistic! I wanted to change that fact about fan fiction...and decided to write one that was at least believable. The entire situation simply fit. So, if the readers of STDragon say that this episode is well written...it'll be the first, to my knowledge, in history to properly combine the two grand sagas into one story. Most definitely this story isn't one worthy of the name Star Wars...but it is Trek, and it continues to provide the entertainment everyone seems to have come to expect from Star Trek Dragon.

Does it end there? No! A brand new chapter in fan fiction has opened with this episode! One that I'm almost positive will go down in history as being the first! Not only was this a crossover between Star Trek and Star Wars...but this was just the beginning of a permanent crossover between my two favorite sagas! With the Force 'willing' Kyle to join the crew of the Dragon, and Vendar's abilities now apparent...the Force will always be a part of Star Trek Dragon, even if those two crew members are not always part of the Dragon. In essence...Star Trek Dragon will be the first Fan Fiction in history to permanently incorporate an aspect of Star Wars into it! As you can imagine...this will greatly effect the stories of Star Trek Dragon...and will make episodes that once were not possible...now possible.

Thank you for your interest in Star Trek Dragon as well as this historic occasion. If you have any comments, or know of anyone else who has done this, and did this before me, please let me know! Star Trek Dragon's "A Long Time Ago..." was published on the web on April 25th, 2001.


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