Welcome. Here you can find information about the original Dragon that is part of a sim group called Allied Empires Union. Here you can get basic statistics on it and even sign up.

If you already part of AEU and would like to transfer to this ship, please notify your commanding officer, Admiral T'Prax, and myself and we will set up the transfer. If you aren't part of AEU and would like to be, go to the web site for AEU and sign up there (Link later in page.)

USS Dragon NCC-27749

USS Dragon statistics (posted on here because some parts aren't the same with the standard Galaxy class of AEU.)

Classification: Explorer

Physical Description:

Length: 642.51 Meters
Width: 463.73 Meters
Decks: 42
Shields: UnionFleet Deflectors

Crew Compliment:

Total Standard: 1010
Officers: 110
Enlisted: 700
Family: 200
(note: 200 enlisted replace Family during war time. Also, depending on the situation, those numbers can change.)
Union Marines: 1200 (occasionally stationed aboard.)

Weapons Systems:

Number of Torpedo Launchers: 3
Number of Phaser Emitters: 13
Number of Photon Torpedoes: 275
Number of Quantum Torpedoes: CLASSIFIED
Number of Plasma Torpedoes: CLASSIFIED
Number of Tri-Cobalt Devices: CLASSIFIED

Propulsions systems

Warp Drive: Type K
Maximum Safe Warp: 9.347
Emergency Speed: 9.932 (for up to twelve hours)

Impulse Drives: Class A12
Maximum Speed: 0.78c
Emergency Speed: 0.913c

Other Descriptions:

The Union Galaxy class starships have been in an upgraded version since the beginning of the Dominion War. After the war was ended, the upgrades remained. How ever, one thing has been taken out of the upgraded version of the Dragon: The two additional two phaser banks on the nacelles. It was thought that, as there is no current war, they are not needed. This in turn has increased the speed. How ever, special nacelles were put on the Dragon so that, with in twenty hours the additional phaser banks can be installed, and only an additional hour would be needed to recalibrate the Warp Field. This was merely a test, and until it is proven to fully work, the Dragon will be the only ship with this type of nacelle.

The Dragon only recently recieved an upgrade and a new Commanding Officer (me, Captain Harriman). How ever, she badly needs a Senior Officer staff. Please join my ship!! I especially need an XO (executive officer, better known as first officer) as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and attention.