My Biography

Well, I've created about three of these biographies, but each time I seem to give out too much personal information for a site that recieves about ten hits a day. This time, I'll try not to give out such personal information :o)

Name: Jonathan Wasik
Nicknames: Kataar, Red Dragon 2002, Jonny Boy, Jon Jon (don't ask about the last two ;o) )
Occupation: High School student/aspiring Science Fiction writer

Gladiator (excellent story line!)
Classical and Classic Rock
...TV Series:
Star Trek Voyager
...Video Games:
Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Xenogears, and Legend of Legaia
Writing, reading, movies, video games (RPG's), plastic models (mostly of ships), and Computer Graphic Design (LightWave)

I grew up southern, then central Wisconsin (but I am NOT a cheese head! Packer Lackers! ;o) ) I was born in late December in a hospital (duh!) but I can't even remember the hospital's name any more. *shrug* When people ask "Where are you from?" I sometimes answer with "My mother." ;o)

Since 5th grade, I've known that I was meant to be a writer. I may have sucked at writing at the time, but it quickly became my passion. Since then, I've been practicing, slowly building up my skills into what you now can see in Future's Savior and above.

I've never had a girlfriend, and believe it or not, that used to bug the heck out of me. I thought along the same lines as most other people did that I knew: "I need a girlfriend, no matter what!" I thought it was, for some unknown reason, important. It wasn't until about two years ago (or earlier) that it dawned on me that I shouldn't pursue a girlfriend. As can be found in all of my writings, and not just STDragon, I'm a strong believer in true love. As such, I'm sure I'll find the right woman. If I never have a girlfriend until then (or even at all) I can live with that. Women do make excellent friends, and I can live with being close friends with those that I know.

On to the next subject before I get even more personal about that! Heh. My hobbies? Obviously, writing. Another hobby I've only recently started is CGI work. Odd as it may seem, though, that is directly related to my writing. Had I not started STDragon, I don't know if I would even know what CGI meant yet! Other hobbies include: reading (a good book and a cup of tea makes my day!), watching movies (so does watching a good movie and eating good popcorn!), piecing together plastic models, web site designing, and video games (playing a good game with a good story line also makes my day!)

On a note about video games. Most people play video games for the game play, the challenge. I'll do that on some games that have no story line, but are still fun IMO (Need for Speed III, Twisted Metal II.) However, I prefer games WITH in depth, moving, emotional story lines. Hence, RPG's, or Role Playing Games. They are all based around the story line and not just the game play. I admit, I'll cheat on a lot of RPG's, but that is because I care only about the story line, and not the challenge. Playing a good RPG like Final Fantasy 7 or Legend of Legaia is like sitting down to read a long novel.

Had enough of my boring life? If you like what you read here and want to get to know me, please email me! I'm always on the look out for a good friend with similar interests, or as someone else once called them, similar 'passions.'

or, if you prefer, talk to me on ICQ! My UIN is 15583198!

The email information above, as well as the ICQ informaton above, is not for companies to send unsolicted email to. Any unsolicited email recieved will be sent to the authorities for review and possible repercussions. Please respect other people's rights: I put this out so that the visitors of STDragon could know a little something extra about the site's creator!