A lot of works has been put into Star Trek Dragon. But I do not deserve all of the credit, not by a long shot! A lot of people have helped Star Trek Dragon, and this is where you can find out just who has helped!

Most of my life up until STDragon's creation, I've never heard of fan fiction. Then I stumbled across Star Trek The Adventures of Argus, and I immediatly wanted to do a fan fiction! So, thanks to Alex Thompson, the creator of Argus, for the inspiration!

When I first started my site, it was horrible. It didn't have frames, and the episodes were just horrible. I didn't have enough information, either. The one highlight about it was the image for the site, which is also a link image, created by my good friend Ling! If you wish to link to STDragon, please use this image! (do not use a direct link to this image. Please save it to your website and use it. If the image below does not work, go to the following URL: http://stdragon.tripod.com/pictures/stdragon.jpg )

Then someone helped me: Wayne Clements. He took his old layout from his site, Defender, and customized it for Dragon and gave it to me! Without his help, I'm not sure if I would have continued STDragon!

As Dragon progressed, people started to help me more and more, especially Millennium Pictures. Some people created episode title images for me, others made some very helpful suggestions. MP is the primary reason STDragon still stands today!

Eventually, I felt it was time for a new layout for STDragon. The episodes had greatly improved, and so I wanted a new layout to match. I knew Steve Davis, creator of Star Trek Paris. He agreed, and created THIS beautiful image! (click on the link to see the old layout in all of its glory!)

Unfortunately, no one ever seemed to contact me about my site. And I will admit, I'd rather here people say my site is bad (of course, giving reasons why they think so) than hearing nothing at all! Even still, though, the episodes improved, each one better than the last. This is actually due to MP again. Some of the Fan Fictions sites there are amazing, and they gave an example to try to live up to!

I think it was about the time Steve's new layout came online here that Chris Adamek, creator of Star Trek The Final Frontier, agreed to become a CGI imager for STDragon! From episode 13 on up, all episodes would have a fully rendered CGI image for their title! Furthermore, he went back and did episodes 1 and 2's images! I can only guess that this is one of the reasons hits went up!

He also, in the end, did several images for Eye of the Storm, STDragon's Season 2 finale. Not just one title image, but corresponding images throughout the entire episode! THANKS CHRIS!

A lot of friends have also given me moral support, not just from Millennium Pictures, but also from Gateway. Because of all of your support, I finally made a decision a while back. For some time, I was getting sick and tired of doing a website for STDragon. I enjoying writing the episodes, but posting them was becoming tedious, and no one ever gave me feedback! I was quickly losing the will to continue her. But people from MP and Gateway started to tell me that they enjoyed my site, and were looking forward to the next episode. So, a week late, the next episode was posted, and my inspiration to continue came back.

Now, thanks to more examples to live up to (Paris2 and Paris The End, as well as others) I've started STDragon again, with a new layout, and a new attitude. Thanks to all who have helped, and I hope you aren't dissapointed with the results!

Note: any websites mentioned here that are still up but are not linked to on this page, go to the main page. They are most likely there. (the page with the blue counter on it)