Thomas Halkrat

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Science Officer/Second Officer
Place of Birth: Star Base Earheart in orbit around Earth
Species: Human
Age: 27

General Information:

Tom Halkrat also served aboard the Enterprise when Chris and Sarah did, and was very good friends with them both. He also left the academy as a Lieutenant, and served aboard the USS Idaho for several years and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He then served aboard the Enterprise for the same duration as did Sarah. He was promoted to Commander and was assigned as the first officer of the USS Odyssey. After the Captain was killed in a battle against the Cardassians, he took command. Two days later he attacked a Federation vessel. He said that Jem Hadar were aboard, though the sensor records were deleted from that incident. He successfully destroyed that ship right before the Enterprise arrived at the scene to stop him. Oddly, no body’s were found in the wreak. Tom was then demoted to Lieutenant Commander and is now serving as science officer aboard the USS Dragon.