Chris Harriman

Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer
Place of Birth: Wisconsin, Earth
Species: Human
Age: 30

General Information

Chris Harriman rose in the ranks quickly. He graduated out of the academy as a Lieutenant, Jr. grade and served on a star base as a shuttle pilot. He then went on to be a helmsman aboard the USS Intrepid. After he left that ship he was promoted to Lieutenant. After the Insurrection of Picard and the Enterprise crew, he became the helmsman of Enterprise. During a battle in the Bad Lands with several Jem Hadar war ships, most of the bridge crew was severely injured. Lieutenant Commander Data took command and made Chris is first officer. Chris remained at the helm and was a key element in saving the Enterprise. No Enterprise officers were killed. Chris was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He then left to serve aboard the USS Dragon, NCC-27749, a heavily modified, four nacelled Galaxy class starship. After the first officer of that ship was killed during a battle with a renegade Romulan War Bird, he was made first officer. During another battle with the Jem Hadar, the Dragon was heavily damaged and the captain was killed. The Dragonís warp core was badly damaged and they were forced to evacuate every one to the saucer section and separate the ship. The saucer section was badly damaged and was forced to make an emergency landing on an M class planet near by. Due to the shortage of Star Fleet command officers, Chris was promoted to the rank of Captain and has taken command of a prototype ship named the USS Dragon, NCC-27749-A.