Vendar Perkins

Rank: Lieutenant
position: Junior Operations Officer
Place of Birth: Paris, Earth
Age: 22

General Information:

Vendar Perkins is the youngest of two children and often would get into arguments with her sister. Despite that fact, the two would remain close through out the years. Despite the fact that she was an excellent tactical officer, she prefered being an ops officer. It kept her close enough to being tactical yet still not having to actually fire phasers. Gentle at heart, and fresh out of the academy, she will only draw a weapon in self defense, and is often shy, except among her friends. Although she is fresh out of the acedemy, she is far from arrogant, and is the quiet one among her friends. Most of her friends are high-ranking junior officers. She has no love interest at the moment. Despite being shy, she has recently made a big impression on Captain Harriman, and as there is no current senior ops officer, she is his most likely candidate for filling that position.

Special Note:

Vender Perkins is cousin to Cadet 4th class Kristine Scott. For more information, please visit the database for the USS Destiny.