Ada Marquet

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Tactical/Security Officer
Place of Birth: USS Zhukov, Deep Space
Species: Human
Age: 33

General Information

Lieutenant Ada Marquet has time and time again shown to be a very proficient tactical officer. Her experience in Starfleet Special Ops makes her simply one of the best tactical officers a starship could have.

Medical Informaton

"Ada was one of the two Senior Officers who began to mutate during the Devil's Virus ordeal. However, unlike Vendar, I was able to treat her before she mutated too far. She thus became a saving element in the ordeal. She is physically fact, more so than most people. She seems to think she has to keep in great physical shape in order to perform her duty, which makes my job just that much easier."

~Commander Kara Trieal, USS Dragon, Chief Medical Officer

Psychological Information

"Ada has a very rough exterior. She keeps a sort of mean demeanor, claiming it makes her job of keeping general security on the ship in check very easy. However, as I had learned six months back, right before the end of the war, she is a very emotional person. I haven't had much contact with her since shore leave started, but rumor has it her relationship with that was already unstable to begin with, has begun to deteriorate. I only hope it doesn't damage her too much emotionally...or Tom..."

~Lieutenant Terry Latrael, USS Dragon, Ship's Counselor

Captain's Note

"Ada is a very capable security officer. Her experience in the Special Ops Force was what attracted me to the idea of having her as security officer in the first place, and she has proven to fit the special needs this ship's predicament requires. She is a little distant, however. I hope to get to know her more once things are settled down a bit more..."

~Captain Chris Harriman, USS Dragon, Commanding Officer