Welcome! This is the tribute to the great man who goes by the internet alias Devil Man!

First and foremost, his net name is a 'classic case' of not being able to judge a book by its cover. He is a kind man who has allowed me to use his very own images, which he's taken a large amount of time to put together. This in turn has helped me greatly, which is why you see this tribute to him.


His views on Star Trek is another reason I like this guy so much. Like me, he's annoyed at the incontinuity of the Star Trek story line. There is an endless amount of this incontinuity, but the most recent would have to be that a Captain Braxton sabotages Voyager, and claims he had endured 20 years on 20th century Earth. In that episode where he did, time was 'reset,' and Braxton NEVER was stranded on 20th century Earth! As the Devil Man pointed out, every thing with continuity was great until The Next Generation began. He has extreme forsight, and it would NOT surprise me if he started his own fan fiction (now wouldn't THAT be a rival for Paris2!)


His images are, for lack of a better term, SUPERB! He's a GREAT CGI artist. Not only of ships, but also of planets and other stellar objects! He's done several different pictures, including a very cool saucer seperation of Voyager, a few pictures of Earth, and a bunch of conceptual starship designs! His skills has made him and his sites one of the best known Star Trek CGI sites around the world!


Once again, I'd really like to thank him. This site would most likely be no where right now merely because I had no images for the episode title pictures! He's working feverishly to get Devils World 6 completely up and running, and so he's a busy man. If you wish to email him, I recomend going to the site (go there even if you DON'T want to email him! you WON'T be dissapointed!) and looking for his address there. Not sure if he'd let me post his address here or not.


Devils World 5

Devils World 6

Thank you for taking time to read about this great man. I hope you enjoy his site as much as I do!