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Current Episode

Star Trek Dragon: "Freedom's Price"

The third special presentation of STDragon ever, this episode takes place between the episodes "A Long Time Ago..." and "Scylla and Charybdis"

While searching for the Borg cube that the Dragon encountered a month ago, a small shuttle stumbles upon the Dragon. The only word they recieve from the small vessel is a plea for help. Without hesitation, Captain Harriman beams the sole occupant of the shuttle aboard and tractors his shuttle into the shuttle bay.

This single alien is part of a species called the Venshai. Centuries ago, they were conquered by the Vendoth. This alien pleas for help from the Captain. After some trepidation, the Captain agrees and sets to work to free the Venshai home planet.

In the end two battles ensue, one in orbit between the Dragon and the single Vendoth scout vessel, and one on the surface where a Britar insurgency force must take over the last remaining building left on the Venshai world...were the last of the Venshai exist.

Can the crew survive and save the Venshai? Or will the Venshai forever be doomed to eternal enslavement? And what, precisely, is the cost of freedom? The lives of a few crewmembers? No...it is much more...for the Vendoth's revenge can not be satisfied with the destruction of just the Dragon. They must exact revenge...on the entire Federation...

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