Welcome to Star Trek Dragon. Now, I could go on and on telling you how wonderful, magnificent, and original STDragon is. I could brag about how many hits a day the site gets. I could brag about being one of the 'privaliged' members of Millennium Pictures. I could brag that STDragon's interface is wonderful (Of course, it is, and I can not thank Steve enough for it.) However, that is not what I'm here to do. I'm here to provide an enjoyable Star Trek fan fiction experience.

So then you may ask who IS here to do that? You really are asking that? *tisk tisk* You've been hanging around places like Trek Writers Guilde and Si-Fi Art too much. Are you not capable of making your own decisions? You are? Yes? Good! Cause that is your job. Your mission, should you choose to except it, is to judge this site in your own personal way. I'm not here to force into your mind: "This is a good site. This is a good site. This is a good site. This is a good site. You are being brainwashed. There's nothing you can do. ha...ha...hah..." That is a judgement only you, the viewer (ok, reader) can make.

I read and reply to ALL emails I get concerning this site, whether it be criticism, compliments, or one of those "Your site is cool but, there's a broken link" messages. However, chances are, I'm not going to change much. Hold it! Don't close this little window, you little...erm, yeah. I said MUCH! As in, the plot of the series (that's right, this isn't traditional Trek. each episode actually leaves a lasting effect on characters and the ship) will not change. Sure enough, I'm open to story ideas. Have an idea for character development? Let me know! Remember, despite what you'll see in Season 1, the episodes are based around the characters! Always has been, always will be...well, a good 'all action' episode is nice from time to time ;o) Any who, if you have any suggestions (short of me bringing back a dead character,) I will always listen, and reply, and consider.

Alright, before you new people go off and begin reading the 5 episode Season 1, I must give you a quick warning. The first Season, and the very beginning of Season 2, isn't exactly publishing material. Well, ok, in my opinion, it sucks (though others have disagreed with me.) So, instead of really considering Season 1 to be a good Season, I consider it to be the starter for the series. It gets you acquianted with the characters a little (more so their first names than anything else,) the ship, and in the end of S1, the ship and crew's dillema. Season 2, especially in the middle of it (around episode 13,) character development comes into play. In Season 3, even more character development than was even possible in S2 (I'm hoping I can write quality character development, any way...)

Oh, and one otherthing before you newbies blow the rest of this long message off. STDragon starts of three years ahead of Deep Space 9's Series finale. "How can you do this? Not on Republic credits, I think..." Erm, oops, wrong movie. Any way, how can I do this? Just be patient. That question will be answered in Season 2's premier (don't skip S1, unless you enjoy not knowing what the hell is going on!...erm, pardon the expression.)

Many have asked...ok, the person doing the Showcase for Millennium Pictures asked, "Why did you do it?" Instead of giving you the long reply I gave him (I'll bet ya fell asleep, Steve. heh,) I'll give you a whole new response. The actual cause of it was my encountering a Star Trek fan fiction for the first time, Star Trek The Adventures of Argus (a series I still frequent.) It inspired me to use a ship design I had just drawn on paper (A CGI model is being built, though I'll talk more about that later.) I enjoyed the series so much, I created STDragon in great haste.

At the time of STDragon's creation, geocities had not yet merged with Yacrap I MEAN!...Yahoo.com. So I used that account (I just found out that several people find this tripod version of my site by going through the closed geocities version...) Furthermore, my writing style was crap. At the time, I thought I was a fair writer. I look back at Season 1 now, and wonder, "How could I think that to be quality?" However, with practice, and a love for writing, my style has improved (or so I'm told. Hey, I get the point! I know you think my style is good, but it always needs improvement! QUIT PRAIZING ME! Erm...oops. Don't worry, folks. I may be part of Millennium Pictures, but I'm not arrogant.) Hopefully, each episode will keep the tradition of being better written than the last one.

Well, I got off subject there... Any way, the site was created in great haste. Perhaps if this site had a better founding...oh well, live with your mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and life goes on! So does the site.

What is STDragon? Evolution. Three major factors of this site evolve. The primary being the episodes. They evolved from what you read in Season 1 into what you read in episode 19 on up. Second, and just as important as the first, the characters. In episode 1 - Ghost Ship, Chris probably ordered, "Report!" over 10 times. Episode 19, Sarah said "Report" once, and that was it for that episode. Aside from the "Report" anomaly, the characters, unbeknowst to even myself until recently, have definitely evolved. Chris is actually becoming a respectable CO, and his and Sarah's love for one another grow stronger, especially in episode 19 (did I let that slip?) Third, the site itself is evolving. I'm really taking my time doing it (I'm the lord of procrastination,) I'm writing better crew bios now, modelled somewhat after Paris2's (isn't everything these days?) The ship info section has greatly improved, and thanks to Morning Star Dragon (I'm sure he meant it as Morning Star, and not my Star Dragon ;o) ) has few, if any, spelling and grammatical errors. (Thanks MSD!)

As you read Season 2, you'll notice something. What is it? Can't figure it out? A good example of what this series has is something Voyager severely lacks. Still can't figure it out? Fine, I'll spell it out for ya. C-O-N-T-I-N-U-I-T-Y. Now I know my ABC's, why don't ya sing 'em, next time away from me! Erm, yeah. Any who (Don't ask,) its true. At first, it may not seem like it. But Time Test (S2's season premier) eliminates any incontinuity involving the Trek universe. So now, STDragon lives in its own universe, and only has its own continuity to worry about.

STDragon is a saga, like Star Wars. Each and every episode has an effect on the next. This isn't several single stories all on their own topic, they all effect each other. Especially, so far, the Season 2 episodes. Even the traditionally horrible Pilot episode has made a crucial change to the Dragon and crew. (I know, I'm covering up for S1's horridness...but its true, each and every Trek pilot episode in cannon trek was...well, to put it bluntly, horrible!)

Now, a HUGE thanks goes out to the CGI site Devils World. The creator has given me free reign over his images, or as he put it, "Parts there of." Because of his huge contribution, I've decided to create a dedication page to him, letting the people know what his web site is all about, and sooner or later, giving examples of his work. I can't thank you enough! STDragon would NOT be where it is today with out your assistance! I know I no longer use your site's images (Thanks to Chris) but I must still give ya credit, just as you asked!
Devil's World Tribute!

Oh, and last (but certainly not least,) about the Dragon CGI model. That's right, if you haven't visited the Ship Info section, the USS Dragon is NOT a Sovereign class starship. I simply use the Sovereign class to represent the Dragon. Millennium CGI (mostly Kenny, and hopefully Steve,) are working on the CGI version of the model. I don't want to reveal too much on it yet, though. Oh, and if there is any one out there in posession of a program that can convert .max or .3ds models to .lwo, or those who wish to replicate it in LightWave, PLEASE CONTACT ME! I want to be able to do my own CGI work, which means I'll need this model converted to LightWave format, as that is the CGI program I have.

Now, the serious stuff.

Star Trek Dragon contains original works written by Jon Wasik. All written material here is copyright Star Dragon Productions 1999-2000. None of it, either partially or entirely, may be copied to and published on a web site or any thing else with out my permission. This General Information page was created on Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at precisely 8:00 PM US Mountaint Time. Star Trek is the sole property of Paramount. This web site is for entertainment only and does not gain money in any way, shape, or form.