Here are links to all sites that have 'sponsered' my site. If you wish to see your link here, please email me. Please do visit some of these sites! They are great sites! And as every one else is rating sites, I guess I might as well get with the times and do so as well.

A new site. In need of a layout, but otherwise seems like it has potential.

A definite 10/10, this site has a nice interface with wonderful stories! This is definitely a rival for Paris!

A great site that has potential to become another big hit! 8/10!

Great stories with an improved interface! 9/10!

At 8/10, its rapidly improving its second season!

Home of the Khitomer, also filled with other great stories and poetry. 10/10!!

10/10 A new Paris website made by the maker of Paris and Paris2!

10/10 A great CGI site!