Mesh Credits

Several quality meshes have been used on this site for images in general. Here is a list of all credits for every mesh I have downloaded. This WILL be kept up to date!

Prometheus - Ed Giddings

Sovereign - Ed Giddings

Delta Flyer - Ed Giddings

Intrepid - Ed Giddings

Latest downloaded Intrepid - Sarod

Type 9 Shuttle - Mohammad 'MK84' Khair

Deep Space 9 - Dave Charnow

Defiant - Ed Giddings

Nebula Class - Ed Giddings

Jem Hadar Bug - Dave Smith

Cardassian Hideki - Dave Smith

Excalibur Class - Steve Davis

All Borg Vessles - ISDB

Note: Dave Smith's meshes were downloaded from Ed Gidding's site, and so the link leads to Ed's site.